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Lokas Media is a leading professional and reputable website design unit. With a team of experienced and highly specialized staff,
We always provide customers with quality websites that meet all their needs.
Optimized SEO standards, helping to improve website rankings on search engines.
Care and warranty for the website forever.


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Huge discounts from year 2:
+ 10% discount when paying for 1 year
+ 20% discount when paying for 2 years
+ 30% discount when paying for 3 years

Design consultancy


All in one


Grateful to customers who know the Lokas brand.
Spring promotion 2024 value up to 1.500 USD:
+ Newspaper publication 600 USD/article
+ Review TikTok 1.000-1.500USD/video
+ SEO voucher worth 1.500 USD
+ Gift of gold/USD worth 750 USD (*)
* Customers choose 1 of the 4 gifts above.

Design consultancy


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Grateful to customers who know the Lokas brand.
Spring promotion 2024 value up to 2.500 USD :
+ Newspaper publication 600 USD/article
+ Review TikTok 1.000 - 2.500 USD/video
+ SEO voucher worth 2.500 USD
+ Gift of gold/USD worth 1.250 USD (*)
* Customers choose 1 of the 4 gifts above.

Design consultancy

What's on Lokas 's website?

SEO optimization

SEO standard websites help businesses easily reach potential customers on search engines.

Easy to administer

The website has a friendly administration system, helping businesses easily update and manage information.

Multi-channel connection

Website connects with other sales channels, helping businesses sell more effectively.

Suitable foundation

The website is designed on a platform that suits the needs of the business. Easily upgrade and change flexibly according to your business.

Smooth in features

Website needs to be designed with smooth features that meet customer needs. Features are tightly integrated, do not cause conflicts or overall impact on the website.

Experienced expert

Our team of experts has more than 8 years of experience in the field of website design. We have highly specialized knowledge and skills to help you create quality websites.

Fast page loading speed

Website loads quickly, helping customers not have to wait long, increasing conversion rates.

Useful feature

The website integrates useful features to meet customer needs and increase conversion rates.

High security

The website is secure and safe, protecting customer and business information.

Beautiful interface, good UX/UI

A website with a beautiful interface and good UX/UI helps attract customers and increase conversion rates.


Website displays well on all devices, including computers, phones, tablets,...

Pay attention to content

Content is the most important factor determining the success of a website. Invest time and effort to create quality content.

Our customer

We have achieved positive customer reviews from customers,
See for yourself why you can trust us to support your brand.

Frequently asked Questions

After having a demo, you need to make a deposit of 50% of the contract value, the remaining 50% will be paid after product acceptance, so you can be completely assured about operational efficiency. .

Answer: Absolutely! We offer customized web design service packages to meet your specific requirements and turn your ideas into reality.

Answer: Our website design services include attractive interface design, SEO optimization, social media integration, content management, and more.

A: We ensure that the website is optimized to display well on various mobile devices, providing the best possible user experience.

Answer: Yes, we provide a user-friendly content management system that allows you to easily update and manage website content yourself.

Answer: We optimize websites to improve search engine rankings and enhance website discoverability by implementing effective SEO strategies.

Answer: Yes, we can integrate various online payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe and other payment gateways into your website.