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10 immutable principles of SMS Marketing that cannot be ignored

An effective SMS Marketing campaign will greatly contribute to boosting sales and giving brand recognition in the hearts of customers. So how to lead customers to action after viewing sms? Here are 5 immutable principles that you need to master when implementing an sms marketing campaign.

1. Compare and choose the right SMS Marketing service provider

If you are still new to SMS Marketing or have never sent SMS Marketing in bulk, be careful in choosing a provider. SMS Marketing service providers need to have experience to be able to help you solve the problems that your business is facing and will encounter during the implementation of the campaign.

Besides, the interface of SMS Marketing software needs to be simple and easy to see. It’s best to try and experience for yourself to compare which is the best provider. A suitable provider will bring an effective SMS Marketing campaign.

2. Use SMS BrandName

SMS BrandName is an effective tool to help increase the prestige and level of brand recognition for businesses. Usually, users will have sympathy and trust with messages from a phone number with clear information rather than from an unknown number.

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<span>10 immutable principles when implementing sms marketing</span>

3. Always test by test before sending

To have an effective SMS Marketing, before sending the message to all customers, you need to check first with a test list and of course send it to your phone number. This helps you see how your message will reach the customer, is there any error in the text or not?

4. Don’t abbreviate everything

You only have 160 characters for a message, so using acronyms is essential. Remember, however, as a rule, use only commonly used acronyms. Don’t write bluffs and send customers a meaningless text.

5. Time decides everything

When the message is sent at the right time, the opening and conversion rate is extremely high, giving you an effective SMS Marketing campaign. Conversely, if you send messages at the wrong time that can annoy your customers, they may decide to stop receiving messages from your business because of the annoyance at a time. Therefore, you should pay attention to the time and frequency of sending messages to suit the target audience.

6. Don’t forget to link to your website

If your business has an online sales function, it is obvious to include a link to buy online. But without that function, including a link to your company’s website or product information page, promotions will help provide more information to customers when 160 characters are not enough for you to convey. download information.

7. Use promotions

Discount promotions, gift giving are always great sales promotion tactics that never go out of date. Take advantage of these promotions skillfully and you will see how effective it is for an SMS Marketing campaign.

8. Don’t forget Call To Action (call to action)

Call To Action is an integral part to help increase the conversion rate of an effective SMS Marketing campaign. The advice given is to hit the psychology and pain of customers, bring empathy to attract them to buy.

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<span>Don&#8217;t forget the call-to-action button</span>

9. Provide an opportunity for recipients to choose

Like it or not, you must give customers the choice whether to continue receiving SMS from your business or not. It’s a must-have for an effective SMS Marketing.

10. Don’t ignore customer feedback

You need to pay attention to all customer feedback because it will most likely help you solve the problems you are facing and improve your products and services. From there, you can also draw countless experiences for yourself

Hope the above 10 principles will help you in the process of implementing your SMS Marketing campaign. Wish you success with SMS Marketing

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