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10 reasons businesses should use cloud PBX immediately

Although newly developed, but the cloud PBX has affirmed its outstanding features compared to the traditional PBX and it is also gradually replacing the traditional PBX.

What is a Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is a hosted virtual PBX service, operating on a cloud computing environment (also known as the Internet environment). The way the Cloud PBX works is similar to the traditional PBX. Its difference is that instead of you having to design a complex infrastructure system, it all works on the Internet.

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The question is :  So should businesses  BUY or RENT  a Cloud switchboard?

Buy a telephone switchboard (on-premise system)

Buying a phone switchboard, you just need to choose the system that meets your needs. After that, pay the supplier once with a fairly large cost to build a PBX system for you. Now, you can fully use and manage all the advanced features that Cloud PBX brings to you.

Rent a telephone exchange (cloud service)

With this solution, the telephone operator will take full responsibility for the system on your behalf, ensuring operation with the highest availability rate according to service standards. You have absolutely no cost to invest in a switchboard system but still enjoy all the benefits of renting services.

Reasons why businesses should use cloud PBX

  1. Phone number

Have you ever been tired of moving phone numbers from your old office to your new office? With the service of renting a telephone exchange system, the time spent on this is almost zero.

  1. Engine room, power supply

You don’t have to worry about setting up a server room, backup power, or other factors when moving/building a new office like before.

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  1. Devices

Unlike traditional PBX systems, with rental service there is almost no equipment or server to create your office, so you don’t have to invest in shopping, managing and encountering problems. Unintended incidents.

  1. Move & change

Want to move a user in the office? Tell your employees to pick up the phone and install it in a new seat, which is not complicated and takes a lot of time. The Cloud system provides you with a minimalistic “Plug and Play” solution.

  1. Contingency & Incident

Information about the Cloud phone system you should know, the entire system is operated in the most optimal conditions including power supply, network system and comprehensive backup system. In addition, other protection systems such as smoke alarms, fire alarms, 24/7/365 air conditioning systems with the supervision of a team of specialized engineers, support us to provide a perfect service for customers.

  1. Security

All connections from the customer office to the Data Center are encrypted with TLS and SRTP (Similar to a “VPN” connection). In addition, our team of engineers always monitor every activity on the system, every log file or secession and make sure no unauthorized access to the system is allowed.

  1. Low cost

Fees will be low by reducing the cost of connecting to customers in the traditional way because there is no need to invest in separate cable infrastructure, so these benefits will be provided directly to customers.

  1. Failover

Has your office ever lost power or the Internet has been down. Unlike systems located in your office, with a Cloud PBX system, once the network’s internal network has a problem, it will automatically transfer calls to another extension or other phone number, Make sure the customer can always contact your company in any situation.

  1. Many branches

The management, investment and operation of infrastructure and voice systems for many branches in the same company is really complicated. But it is extremely simple for the Cloud Communication model, because all will become a unified, centralized management regardless of geographical location, but have the ability to set up each region / branch separately. branch. No matter where you work, you are a unique individual in the entire company.

  1. Rich features

Most, if not all, all the features you get with a traditional PBX system are available in the Cloud system and there are many other features you’ve never experienced, like calling voice and see each other (Video Call).

With the above article, we hope to help you have a better overview of the Cloud phone system to come up with the right solution for your business.

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