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10 things businesses should know about Call Center service 2022

Call Center service is a system that business owners are very interested in and put in to support Sales activities. Thanks to the advantages of technology, the Call Center Service brings many outstanding utilities. Especially optimizing business efficiency for businesses.

10 things businesses should know about Call Center service

1. People account for about 70% of operating costs

In a Call Center service, in charge of direct interaction with customers are people, agents, not machines or technology. Therefore, this is an extremely important part when operating the Call Center and also accounts for a lot of operating costs. Investing in staff with professional training courses can bring unexpected results.

2. Forecasting and resource allocation is the biggest challenge

With Call Center, the biggest challenge for management lies in the arrangement of human resources. What makes management extremely difficult is having to predict and plan staff accurately for times of high call volume, as well as times when there are no calls. which call.

10 Call Center Call Center Resource allocation

In case of incorrect prediction, the number of calls in the queue increases, the number of current agents is not enough to receive calls, which will reduce customer satisfaction, and at the same time will make the staff more vulnerable. members are under more pressure. Or conversely, the number of staff on duty when there are too many while only a few calls in will increase the cost of each call (CPC-cost per call).

3. Monday is the busiest working day of the week

Usually, the weekend is the time when customers have time to check their spending for the week and plan for upcoming expenses. Then, they just wait until the first Monday of the week to start promoting these expenses. In order to have a suitable personnel arrangement, the Call Center manager should consider the priority of weekdays, weekends or holidays. However, forecasting call traffic to have accurate resource allocation for Call Center should still be based on Call Center activity reports. For example, the number of calls in the day, the number of calls in each queue, the number of missed calls, etc., etc.

4. Customers tend to make phone calls between 10am and 12pm than other times of the day.

This is considered to be the time when people have settled into the early days of the day, so it is relatively convenient to spend a few minutes dealing with personal matters. Therefore, the arrangement of personnel in the Call Center should also be flexible according to the time of day. That is the reason why the telephone operator is considered one of the jobs with the most shifts of the day. However, forecasting call traffic for a reasonable resource allocation should still be based on Call Center activity reports as mentioned above.

10 Call Center Call Center 1 10-12 am is the time of high activity

5. Technology supports the optimization of employees’ working capacity.

There are many technologies used in a Call Center system, from smart call allocation software, to automatic voice broadcast system, call recording, call screen recording and many more applications. Moreover, the purpose is to optimize the working capacity of employees. Therefore, it is necessary when deploying application software that businesses should carefully train how telemarketers need to work with the system complex, so that all customer requirements are resolved as quickly as possible. .

6. Telephone agents are the spokesperson and the ears of the business

Telephone agents are the employees who have the most communication with customers in the business, their communication productivity in a working day can even exceed the number of communication times of some other departments in a working day. five. Therefore, they are the ones who can tell you about the problems your customers are having, what their concerns are, how effective they are in attracting customers from marketing campaigns, or even marketing strategies. strategy from competitors.

10 Call Center Call Center 2 Telephone agents are the spokesperson and the ears of the business

7. Call Center management needs long-term strategic plans

The biggest difficulty for Call Center managers is always ensuring the service quality index in extremely limited conditions. Spending most of the time solving problems for customers in special cases, caring and correcting every little detail while operating Call Center without focusing on developing and perfecting the process. common working process, it will be easy for managers to gradually lose control of the Call Center.

8. Responsible supervision promotes effective Call Center operation

The supervisor’s role is extremely important in helping agents understand the spirit of the customer service center and take responsibility for their work. Supervisors should be regularly present at the workplace to promptly support employees. In addition, training and skill development for telemarketers is an integral part of the supervisor’s duties because telemarketers are the representatives who provide products/services of the business to customers. .

9. Call Center is often seen as a cost center

Up to 39.8% of businesses/organizations surveyed believe that Call Center is a cost center (Cost Center), compared to 25.2% of others who think this is a profit center (Profit Center). Ignoring the practical benefits that Call Center brings has made many businesses unwittingly label it as a Cost Center. Seeing the problem correctly, the Call Center is the place to convey the voice of the customer to the business, which can have a direct and powerful impact on the profit of the business.

10 Call Center Call Center 3 Cost Center

Like the saying “There is demand, there is supply”, businesses must understand what customers like, what customers need, and what customers require before they can offer products and services that meet customer needs. products, increasing revenue and profit. And of course, Call Center is in the top of the department that understands what customers want. When fully taking advantage of those benefits, Call Center will become a “profit center” that brings unexpected results.

10. Call Center is a great working environment

With a wide range of opportunities in many different companies and fields, a call center position will give you a lot of skills and experience while being flexible in terms of time. Regular contact with many people, many different personality types also helps telemarketers improve their ability to communicate and solve problems better, with faster reflexes.


Above is all the information about 10 things businesses should know about the Call Center service that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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