3 Reasons SMS Sending Service Hasn’t Been Beaten by Social Media Apps

SMS sending service is one of the marketing methods to reach customers through sending text messages to customers’ phone numbers. SMS is provided by all telecom carriers globally and anyone who owns a sim-carded phone will be able to use this service. SMS sending service is a bridge between customers and businesses in the 4.0 era. This form of marketing has been quite effective in recent years. So what are the benefits of using SMS sending service for your business? Please join Lokas to learn the benefits of using SMS sending service!


How does SMS sending service work?

A text message from a mobile phone will be stored in the Stored Message Central (SMC) and then forwarded to its destination. SMS messages typically use a separate channel to send and control messages. So calls and other types of messages will not be hindered by SMS. This control channel is used to track the location of your phone so that the message can be delivered exactly where you are.

As mentioned, the SMC is responsible for storing and forwarding messages to and from the mobile station and other messaging organizations – usually the mobile phone itself.

The process of sending and receiving an interpreted SMS is lengthy but extremely fast, so you can receive SMS almost immediately after the sender presses the send command.


Why is the SMS sending service undefeated?

Although currently there are many image and audio messaging services that are very popular and widely used by many users such as Messenger, Telegram, Zalo, Viber, etc., the SMS messaging service still has a certain foothold in the world. it. The advantages of SMS sending service are clearly shown in the following points:

Multimedia messaging services such as Messenger, Telegram, Zalo, Viber, etc. require users to always be connected to the internet to use them. But with the ability to work well on all 3 basic mobile platforms: GSM, CDMA and TDMA, all mobile phone users just need to be in an area with signal to be able to use this service.

The current number of mobile phone users in Vietnam is over 94%, and all these mobile subscribers can receive SMS messages. Therefore, when there is important information that needs to be widely distributed to warn, using the SMS sending service will deliver the necessary content to almost all people extremely quickly.

Because of the strong coverage, advertising by SMS (SMS Marketing) is an extremely important advertising channel for many businesses. According to statistics, the rate of users who open to view promotional emails is only about 20 to 40%, but almost 100% open to view SMS messages when they receive them. Besides, SMS Marketing has a low investment cost, so if used correctly, it will bring great results.


Disadvantages of SMS:

The downside of SMS is the limit on the number of characters. Because each SMS message has quite short content, 160 characters for an unsigned message and 70 characters for an accented message, and you can only send messages with a maximum length of 4 messages/send. This is quite detrimental to the user. You have to hesitate, write over and over again to fit enough characters without missing content. If there are too many characters, the system will automatically split into many messages to send and of course your message will be interrupted.

Above is the information about SMS sending service, hope the article will bring you useful information!

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