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5 absolute myths that cannot be ignored about voip switchboards

If your business is using a VoIP switchboard  , don’t ignore the mistakes in the article below!

1. No security

This is also one of the misconceptions about VoIP, which is poor security because it operates entirely on the Internet platform. A lot of information related to Hackers stealing customer information as well as internal information through virtual switchboards makes users confused and have a wrong view of VoIP.

The truth is that VoIP is just like any other Internet application. High or low security is up to the user. When installing VoIP, the provider will deploy to businesses different security tools to ensure the safety and privacy of users’ calls. Besides, from the business side can not be subjective and need to have other protection methods such as firewalls, authentication codes, etc. Thereby, we can see that the virtual PBX system will actually be much more secure and reliable than conventional voice systems thanks to multiple layers of protection.

2. Sound quality is not good

If businesses started using VoIP systems in the 90s, this is probably a situation of great concern. The transmitted sound is always slower or the user does not hear the sound even while the other party is still talking to him. If those experiences made you unhappy, now is the time to change this mindset.

5 Sai Lam Ve Tong Dai Voip

Currently, the reason for the above situation has been discovered by suppliers and there are methods to overcome this situation. Besides, to be more sure about this issue, vendors always have test versions for customers to use. Therefore, sound quality is no longer a serious problem when using a virtual PBX system.

3. Not many features

Although VoIP did not have many features when it was first introduced: support for sending faxes, integration with other systems, emergency calling or many other important features, but over time, this problem has disappeared. improved. Virtual PBX systems today have a lot of features that are suitable for businesses today.

VoIP system now integrates various features such as digital fax making it easier and more convenient to send information, faster than the traditional way. Besides, VoIP also uses E911 emergency dialing. Besides, VoIP also has many other new features such as integration with a friendly customer management system (CRM) to help manage customer information most conveniently.

4. Not necessary for business

Many businesses that do not use VoIP find this system unnecessary. Some people think VoIP is not suitable for small business model. Others feel that they cannot afford and cost to build a completely new information system to replace the traditional way. Some people even say that they don’t need VoIP because their current system is still working very well. These are all misconceptions about VoIP.

The installation process is no longer too complicated and expensive for businesses. In particular, the virtual PBX also helps businesses save a lot of costs from phone charges (because the cost of internal voice calls is completely free). In addition, this protocol is fully compatible with all current business models.

5. Too complicated for users

It is no coincidence that this is always a problem for businesses when they are hesitant to use VOIP. When using a virtual PBX, unlike a normal PBX, users will be a bit surprised when they have to get used to a lot of acronyms. Therefore, many people think that only experts or people with specialized technical knowledge can use VoIP. And this thinking is completely wrong.

5 Sai Lam Ve Tong Dai Voip 2

When using VOIP, businesses only need to equip themselves with the most basic knowledge of SIP (session initiation protocol) and a SIP-compatible phone system to be enough. Second, businesses must thoroughly check their internet system to ensure the quality and stability for VoIP. As for all the remaining issues, businesses can completely trust the service provider.


Above are some mistakes that businesses often make when using Voip switchboard. Hopefully with the sharing on you and the business will learn from their experience.

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