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5 differences between landlines and voip system

With superior features, along with an efficient processing system, voip systems are used by many companies. So what is the difference between a landline phone and a voip system that many businesses choose? Let’s find out through the article below!

Cost savings

In addition to technology issues, cost is also a big difference between voip system and landline phone. Recently, although the cost of landline phones has decreased, in general, voip phones are still much higher.

When using the voip system, long distance calls, even to other countries, are completely free. Because each voip service package is charged per user. This makes it easy for businesses to control costs.

Superior technology

With superior technology, voip phone system brings many benefits to users. You can make video calls, share data, photos and manage contacts easily. Curved voip phones contribute to brand promotion, building cooperation relationships more quickly and conveniently.


When using a traditional analog phone, users will be limited in many features. Businesses can only use basic utilities such as making domestic and international calls. Besides, will lookup IP address, block calls, forward.

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But for voip phones, users will experience outstanding features such as sharing data, images, conducting conference meetings, video calls, application integration, call recording.


The voip phone system allows users to connect directly to the network infrastructure available at the enterprise, or can be used on the computer through software supported by the provider. Gives users high flexibility. In contrast, with an analog system, you need to install physical devices to connect to the PSTN. Wiring is quite complicated.

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Large scale of operation

For businesses that need to expand or downsize. The phone system will also have to adjust to the new scale of operation. When using analog phones, expanding or reducing the load will be quite complicated and time consuming.

But with the voip phone system, this becomes quite easy. IP phones allow you to add or remove users, customize functions, add or reduce phone lines. This is one of the outstanding points when there is a need to expand or shrink the size of the business.

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