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5 outstanding benefits of sms marketing and applications for all fields

In recent years,  sms marketing  has become a familiar marketing tool for businesses So what are the “superior” benefits of SMS marketing compared to other forms of marketing that many businesses use?

Outstanding benefits of SMS Marketing?

1. Customer Interoperability 
With the current mobile boom, statistics show that Vietnam ranks second in terms of smartphone boom in 2012 and is expected to increase by 15% in the number of smartphones in the next 4 years. fertile field for businesses to exploit. Compared to other advertising methods, sms is much more interactive. The reason is very simple because each of us always carry at least one phone with us, When a message arrives, most readers will open it and will not delete it unread.

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<span>Outstanding benefits when using sms marketing</span>

2. Instantaneousness 

The most phone users, especially smartphone users, always carry their phones with them while doing other things, even when sleeping. With an average open rate of at least 90%, text messaging is more effective than other forms of advertising. So it can be said: SMS Marketing is a means of conveying information about products and services and announcing promotions and discounts of businesses to customers in the fastest way.

3. Reasonable price 

Unlike other forms of advertising such as newspapers, television, leaflets, which require you to invest a large amount of money for the preparation stage in terms of both resources and human resources to implement, while With SMS Marketing, you just need to choose an SMS Marketing software to use which is a way to not only save you time but also the cost of information about advertising products is also very low, with only VND 280-790 / 1 message has helped you promote to a wide range of potential customers. It only costs you 280,000 VND to reach 1000 customers, too cheap compared to other forms of advertising.

4. Create a sustainable relationship and take care of customers for a long time

SMS Marketing helps you get closer and faster to your customers wherever they are, because they almost always carry their phones with them and check it often. By taking care of customers who have used your business services, you should regularly care, provide new information about products, offer preferential programs for them to create sympathy with customers.

5. Unlimited Potential Market

As mentioned above, the percentage of mobile users is increasing and this sign is likely to increase in the future. The number of phone users represents almost everyone present in the market –  a marketing goldmine ! Therefore, your customers are not out of that ratio. Take advantage of that to exploit the endless source of customers for the future in your product business strategies.

SMS marketing application in some fields


  • Send OTP to confirm order
  • Notify order status to customers
  • Announcement of promotions, hunting sales
  • Send familiar customer care messages

Real estate

  • Notify customers of new projects
  • Sending a message to assist with paperwork in the buying and selling process
  • Statistics of information related to price, area, ownership papers, …
  • Announce the time and location of the company’s events and exhibitions…

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Health, beauty, spa, Medical…

  • Send SMS notifications to remind customers of appointments, follow-up visits, vaccinations, etc.
  • Notice of changes to the price list of drugs and services…
  • Announce some other special occasions such as grand opening, happy birthday to customers, special offers…

Education, schools, training centers

  • Informing parents of grades, learning results by day, week, etc
  • Notice of extracurricular sessions
  • Notice, reminder meeting schedule, exam schedule
  • Announcement of timetable, tutoring class schedule

Banking and Finance

  • Send OTP verification code
  • Notice: account balance, deposit interest rate, payment term, loan…
  • New promotions and financial services

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