5 ways to help you become a creative Advertiser

As a core and indispensable element in any marketing plan, content is the key to helping businesses connect effectively with target consumers, and is a valuable and useful resource in the market. school. Building content is a familiar story that has been repeated many times in many businesses, but not everyone understands the 5 ways to help you become a content creative Advertiser . We are here to help you answer that question!

Practice writing, practice reading

Creative Advertising People (also known as copywriters) are responsible for implementing the verbal language of the advertisements. Therefore, write is also an essential factor present in every individual working in this field. However, the fact that you have just started participating and writing is not good, not convincing the audience is not too big a problem. Writing skills will be tempered and refined over the days, according to your efforts and efforts.

Quang Cao Sang TaoPractice writing, practice reading

To do this, in addition to practicing writing regularly, you should read a lot. Not only from books, newspapers but also many different sources on the Internet, social networks. When reading becomes a habit, you will accumulate vocabulary and unique writing styles, thereby easily developing your own writing style.

Learn from advertising ideas

This is the most practical source of knowledge you can gather. From ideas, slogans, taglines, to execution are all great things you need to keep in mind every time you see an ad. Some advertising sources you can refer to

Quang Cao Sang Tao 1

If you can, come up with lots of new ideas. This is not only a way to practice, but also to beautify your portfolio and score points in the eyes of future employers.

If you want to be good, you have to study

In addition to educating yourself on writing and creative skills, try to learn more by following a copywriter apprenticeship. Going to school, in addition to filling the gaps in knowledge, also gives you the opportunity to add industry connections; and when you are determined to go to school, take responsibility for your tuition, time and effort, you will be strengthened with confidence in your future career path.

In addition, you should learn more about the big agencies in Vietnam. All can be consulted on Google, Facebook, etc. Take the time to “stalk” to see what campaign they are doing, say on social networks, to better understand the creative industry, and increase opportunities. Find your career. To refer to the Agency that is operating in the market today.

Enrich your foreign language capital

Besides, to be able to complete the job well at big agencies, you need to have a decent foreign language capital. As multinational agencies, international clients are certainly indispensable. Work, papers, daily conversations at the office will make you stressed if you do not have self-defense English skills.

Quang Cao Sang Tao 2Enrich your foreign language capital

Engage and experience early

Take advantage of the time when you are a young, healthy student, you should participate in marketing and advertising competitions, etc. Just register a lot, even if you don’t win, at least you have a chance to get in touch with the idea, campaign execution, and what’s more, you’ll have a few more bullet points for your portfolio.

Agency people like people who travel a lot, participate in many activities, because then, you will have your own experiences, maybe later, those are good ideas when doing advertising campaigns?

And as you can see, it’s not too difficult to play with the “Fox” girl, isn’t it? Prepare the necessary skills carefully, and be ready with a spirit of “indomitable”, “stubborn” that you can become a talented candidate for the creative advertising industry.

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