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5 ways to improving customer experience 2022

Improving customer experience (CX) – a concept that deals with everything from service levels to product relevance to customers’ lives – is a key focus of businesses this year. 2022. In the coming year, brands will build on their successes (and learn from their failures), leveraging technology solutions to address their connection and relationship building challenges. deeper relationships with customers.

Customer Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) platforms have found widespread adoption in marketing, product design, and customer service, primarily because they allow businesses to improve the experience without when we interact with brands or use their products or services. Thankfully, there are times when customer satisfaction surveys and individual group discussions are the only way to get feedback on how responsive your business is to your customers’ needs.

Technology and a comprehensive, data-driven online world mean deeper, sometimes real-time, connections with customers. Before that happens, however, brands know they need to earn our trust and demonstrate that they can deliver value to us. These are the key trends driving customer experience throughout 2022. We’ll explore these trends shortly:

1. Fusion, authentic experience

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This means marketing-driven experiences designed to help companies communicate their messages in new ways and connect with new customers. But it will also increasingly be present in sales, customer service, and product support. The term “metaverse” emerged as a major trend, promoted by the companies Meta, Nvidia and Microsoft, and describes a sustainable online environment where we can connect, communicate and collaborate in ways increasingly real. Enabling brands to deliver new and exciting customer experiences across virtual platforms is a key reason why the concept appeals to businesses, especially when it comes to integrating virtual and reality technologies. augmented reality (VR/AR) which will be the core feature of the metaverse. In 2022, businesses will look to these experiences to create new opportunities for us to interact and engage from from our own homes – such as Ikea’s Everyday Experiments. More and more services like Snapchat’s AR Lab make it easier for any company to join the trend.

2. Brands Competing Primarily in Customer Experience


Forget about trying to lower the price of your competition, providing a superior customer experience is quickly becoming a priority for brands in their quest to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Brands are now focusing more on customer experience, in part because they know customers will pay more for great experiences. Another major factor is that they understand that experience involves building trust, and when we trust businesses, we may be more willing to share our data with them. Technology has created countless ways to create and deliver these experiences. These can be providing good customer service, targeted experiential marketing, or simply discovering products and services that fit into customers’ lives. Research shows that for a company just one bad customer interaction is enough to make many customers leave them. As society transitions to a service economy where long-term customer value is paramount, technologies designed to improve the customer experience and build trust will be increasingly invested in. much in 2022.

3. Smart Products and Services

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Thanks to the IoT and wearable revolution, the devices we carry and interact with are increasingly capable of capturing data about us and the world we live in. Indeed, Gartner estimates that by 2022, the global wearables market value will hit $81.5 billion. Many of us are enjoying more free time thanks to the shift to working remotely or from home as the driving force behind this as well as more attention to personal health.

Experience-focused businesses are rapidly becoming adept at obtaining and using this data to improve the richness and usefulness of their customer interactions. New smart materials under development will enable the creation of smart clothes that can recharge themselves, wash in a conventional washing machine, and can transmit various types of data via mobile apps or wristwatch to provide detailed information about your health. We also expect to see the first fruits of Google’s acquisition of fitness tracker maker Fitbit with the potential to lead innovation in smartwatches. In 2022, many companies focus on improving experiences by developing products that use data to better integrate into our lives,

4. Automation in Customer Service

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The level and quality of service that customers receive from companies are key characteristics of the experience the company provides. Contact centers play a big part in this – if customers know they will have to wait a long time, be transferred between departments or end up talking to an untrained consultant. unable to help solve their problem, they are unlikely to appreciate their experience with that company. Automated call handling systems were initially introduced to solve some of these problems but unfortunately did not always give the desired effect as callers became increasingly frustrated when navigating the menu bar or interacts with unstable voice recognition systems.

Businesses are counting on their ability to augment these systems with AI – customer service chatbots using natural language processing, for example. This means that chatbots increasingly better understand the input and predict the response we ask for. One application that we could see starting to come true in 2022 is voice assistants in direct selling – in a supermarket, for example, we can ask Alexa to tell us our shelves. where are you looking. McDonald’s may begin rolling out voice recognition at in-vehicle outlets this year. And sentiment analysis technology is increasingly being used to understand the content of text and voice conversations and be more effective in providing the best solution.

5. Personalization

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Increasing levels of personalization will become a strong trend next year, with brands embracing the idea of ​​using technology to develop closer and more personalized relationships with customers. For example, personalized email headers and subject lines can improve click-through rates, but that’s just the beginning. A hot topic of personalization in the coming year is the opportunity to identify and act in instants – sales opportunities that can open in seconds but can be highly profitable for customers. brands that understand how to identify and capture them. These instant moments can unfold when an online customer intends to make a purchase or just to find out information about a topic such as a tool they need to get the job done. In the year 2022, brands invest heavily in ways to recognize and capitalize on these moments, finding the right time to send a personalized offer that helps solve whatever problem potential customers are having must be at that time. This is about being able to reach the right customers at the right time – a leading marketing challenge that can be solved thanks to the technological solutions at our fingertips today.

These five customer experience trends present very real opportunities and risks for businesses. With real-world examples, these key trends will shape businesses of the future.

Hopefully, the information in this article can help you better understand the key customer experience trends in 2022.

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