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6 Marketing secrets to boost sales during Tet

The Lunar New Year is a time when the demand for goods increases sharply. Each brand has a secret to apply during this time to boost year-end sales. Let’s explore the secrets of brands to see how they leave their mark in the hearts of customers.

Here are 6  marketing secrets to boost daily sales during Tet, let’s find out!

1. Get creative with the hashtag Tet

Hashtag is no longer a strange thing in advertising content on Facebook. This is an information cluster that helps users quickly find information about articles and advertising campaigns that brands apply. Each brand creates a different hashtag to spread and create its own mark for its name.

We can easily come across hashtags that are causing a commotion on Facebook during the 2022 Lunar New Year such as: #tetmacgidep, #chuyencuboqua, #Lamdaulahettet, #Conmunglacontet, #Tetvuivebengiadinh.

2. Attract customers through mini games

Minigame on fanpage is one of the activities that brands use to connect with customers in the most effective way. Through minigames with attractive hashtags and valuable prizes, the brand will get a very high amount of interaction from potential customers.

Bi Quyet MarketingMini games attract customers

“Don’t just eat Tet, experience Tet” is Omo’s unique idea during this Lunar New Year. Omo organizes a 5-week experience minigame, every week customers will have the opportunity to receive hundreds of extremely attractive gifts from the brand.

3. Impress your Facebook avatar

In the spring of changing clothes, a series of brands invest in avatars and cover themed with Tet themes so that users can be more impressed with their brands.

4. Give a gift attached

Most customers believe that they will only get the product they paid for, they don’t think they are entitled to more incentives, and where a gift is a kind of product that adds to the total value. they are accepted.

Bi Quyet Marketing 1Give a gift attached

If you tell customers that they will receive a special gift, that could be 85% of the reason they decide to buy from you, in sales sometimes only 40% of the reason to buy a product Your sales rate is higher than we thought.

In the customer mindset, gifts are free things, but in reality you are not free for customers. Luong wrote an analysis of the free in sales, you can see more for peace of mind: Free for customers, no loss.

5. Time limit increases purchasing competitiveness

Bi Quyet Marketing 2Increase the competitiveness of customers

The content of this move is not new, but when combined with other plans can bring unexpected effects. For example, we limit the time of purchase in the way “Promotion applies from now until the end of the 28th Lunar New Year”, forcing customers to act even faster, even if they have not received their Tet bonus. they will borrow money to buy goods, the act of borrowing money can stimulate consumers to make faster purchasing decisions.

6. Exchange old products for new products

In the field of pawn service business, you will see the most obvious effect from exchanging old products for new products. In a certain period of time, customers do not come to pick up the computer, do not pay interest, the ownership of the computer will automatically belong to the pawn shop.

At this time, the owner of the pawn shop just needs to bring the computer for maintenance, edit a few details on the machine, upgrade some equipment, the value of the computer can increase to 30%, they bring it back to the dealer. the other client. Obviously, old products still make a profit for business people.

Just because you can exchange your old product for a new one, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay extra. But the amount you have to pay more to own the new product, along with the value of the old product, may exceed the total value of the product. This is an effective sales promotion strategy of many companies and stores dealing in technology goods.

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