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7 Content Marketing trends 2022 that bring high efficiency

Content Marketing Trends 2022 is predicted to focus heavily on personalized creative content for a brand, organization or ideal. From the end of 2021, these types of content have proven attractive with quality products that earn huge interactions, and there are constantly new “content stars” that shine on social networking platforms by catching up with this trend. . Let’s take a look at Ootb Marketing’s top 5 content creation ideas that promise to be successful in 2022.

1. Personal story that connects the brand

This content marketing trend has been favored by many brands thanks to the authenticity of the storytelling that brings great appeal to readers. Especially when the brand integrates its products and services into the content in a subtle way, cleverly crept into the minds of customers. This type of content is usually presented in the form of blogs, vlogs or postcards on platforms such as Website, Youtube, Tiktok, Spotify.

The main character in the stories can be founder, CTO, CMO, senior managers of a brand or written by the owner himself for his personal brand. Inspirational stories from an individual are always realistic and close, making readers learn some lessons for themselves, empathize, and invisibly move closer to the brand in the most natural way.

Maybe lately you often see articles about the story that comes up from the empty hands of a certain Founder, Cofounder, surely through these sharing you not only understand better about them but also understand them too. the formation of a brand, leaving a good impression in the mind.

It is always easier to connect between two individuals than to connect with an organization, but when producing this type of content you need to exploit based on true stories, use natural office, presentation style. attractive and close, only then can it touch the emotions of the reader.

2021 is a difficult year for everyone, but it’s also the year when human stories are highlighted the most. That’s why in 2022, too, don’t just tell stories about leaders, but also mention the people who make small contributions to the brand such as the security guard, the janitor, the shipper or anyone else. appeared in daily life, directly in contact with customers.

2. SEO

Dig deep into your SEO strategy with a backlink and internal link plan that guides customers through informative articles so they can make informed decisions.

Although there are now many methods for your content marketing strategy, SEO has always been one of the effective content marketing solutions, especially when potential customers use search engines to find product information. , service, brand.

Seo Content MarketingSEO

3. Production and working process

While in the past content marketing was mainly focused on products, things that customers can directly use and experience, this year 2022 promises to be a time for content to explode in terms of workflow and production. If you know that a product is made from the relentless efforts of hundreds of people, you will surely find its value to be greater than what your eyes and ears can see.

At the same time, a transparent, public workflow will create trust and increase professionalism, which will certainly be a content idea that needs to be explored more deeply in the coming year.

One of the leading brands in this content trend is Ananas, on its Facebook fanpage, local brand often posts pictures of the factory, video of the shoe production process, etc. so that customers can easily know. see how the product you hold in your hand undergoes meticulous and thorough production stages. Like the most realistic footage, Ananas takes viewers to visit the production line directly and experience the artistic space for themselves.

Quy Trinh Lam VietProduction and working process

4. Brand

Brands play an important role in both content marketing and business trends, this is considered one of the factors that represent the trust, commitment to brand products, services or customer experiences.

When creating content about this brand, focus on the following key ideas:

  • Your brand goal in the next 5,10 years
  • What will the business do to achieve this goal?
  • The brand’s contribution to its customers, society
  • Brand’s perspective on some issues in life (related to the products and services the business is providing)

5. Content Creation

The biggest content marketing trends to try in 2021 shouldn’t come as a surprise. With the rise of Slack communities in the tech sector and the focus on personalization in marketing during the pandemic, community building has been a driving force for marketing teams throughout the world. five. But building communities specifically around content sharing and creation will allow marketing teams to continue to expand their reach, even with fewer resources.

6. Improve content

Have you ever clicked on an article you just wanted to read to get to a page filled with pop-ups and billboards? It’s terrible, and most of the time I close the page without reading anything. At the same time, I’ll spend time clicking on tools like I Miss the Office because they look interesting — though I certainly don’t miss my co-workers chewing.

The bottom line is that sometimes how you interact with content is just as important as what you’re interacting with. That’s why focusing on the content experience will become a major content marketing trend, whether it’s new content, interactive content, or a better user experience.

7. Content Q&A

Before choosing to buy a product or service, there are hundreds of questions in the mind of each person such as:

  • Is this brand reputable?
  • Is the content of the advertisement real?
  • Should you shop at this time?
  • Is it really necessary?
  • Which form should I buy?


That’s why you need to answer all of these questions in your content to answer questions as well as bring a stable psychology to customers when shopping or using services. Especially when your brand is young, this will be the type of content needed to build trust with your potential customers. Don’t learn from big brands that release “interpret but attractive” content, “creating curiosity” … in the early stages of the brand this content style is not really appropriate.

Hopefully, this will be an outstanding 2022 content marketing trend that will bring you new business opportunities, develop a strong brand, and surpass heavy competitors in the market. If you have other content ideas and have successfully applied them, please share them in the comments below for your reference.

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