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7 core attributes that help your articles attract customers

To have a content that is really effective, businesses must touch its true meaning, which few people can do. To do it right, you must first understand the core attributes that  make up an effective Content Marketing strategy.

Here are 7 core attributes that an effective article needs to attract customers and increase interaction with people.

1. Satisfying the needs of customers

Knowing people who know us hundreds of battles and winning, wanting to win the hearts of customers without spending the effort to learn and study people, it is very difficult to move them. The more you understand, from demographic information, lifestyle, thoughts, aspirations, behavior, more.. much.

Cot Loi Essence Satisfying customer needs

Customers only need you when you are the best solver of some of their problems, so the content that the brand creates must really satisfy the wishes or answers of the customer. Otherwise, it’s just Content, not Content Marketing.

2. Words that match the audience you want to reach

When writing for an audience, you want to “fit in” with the reader’s point of view as the relevant topic. Consider whether the writing should be serious, fun, and personal, to the point where necessary, to the point, tortuous and humorous, with a thorough understanding of the content. Readers may not point out what tone of voice is offensive in terms of content, and accordingly your brand will be annoying, but care about the little things that can leave an indelible impression. in the hearts of readers.

could be about anything but what you would expect from a bank… They have written and published true stories from people who know how to spend money to live life the way they want it to. . They post humanistic, inspirational and inspirational articles, perfectly aligned with its goal of eliminating disillusionment and the difficulty of dealing with banks.

3. Touching the customer’s emotions

The goal of marketing is essentially to change the perception as well as behavior of customers in the direction of the brand’s desire. To really do this, the content that the brand creates must really touch the hearts of customers, or in other words, it must create emotions in their hearts.

Emotions can be joy, anger, love, and sadness, such as the humor that comes from the witty expression of the brand, a touching story that leaves a lot of stagnation, but the most important thing is still from the sincerity. the desire to help customers from the brand. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. And because by nature, buying decisions are often based on feelings rather than rationality, it is emotions that will create affection for the brand leading to long-term attachment and loyalty.

Pure Essence 1

Another point, according to A. Maslow’s pyramid of needs model, the need for social connection for spiritual satisfaction is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, if a brand wants to connect with customers, it must connect as a real person, with feelings and views, which will show the “human” part of the brand.

4. Build a Trusted Structure

Effective writing makes it easy for people to follow your narrative style. This all starts with having a solid structure that readers recognize and accordingly, they know what to expect. For those who just skim through articles, you also make sure to include subheadings in an interesting way to pull them into a deeper reading experience.

Pure Essence 2 Build a reliable structure

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the structure of a story. If you want to get creative, come up with your own recipe ideas and start experimenting with them. Just remember to always keep the buyer persona in mind.

5. Don’t talk about yourself too much

The core value of Content Marketing is to create useful values ​​for customers with the aim of creating trust and love for the brand. So the opposite question, do you trust someone who in the first place was just trying to sell you something or clearly had some other purpose. Or do you want to talk to someone who only talks about his good things. The answer will almost certainly be “no”.

There is a basic principle in Content Marketing that brands should take to heart, the more brands talk about themselves, the less people share that content and story.

6. Gather a core idea

An article should clearly have one main idea, and everything else should just tie back to it. But you can easily lose sight of this goal once you start typing on your computer keyboard.

Try defining your main goal and how the reader will benefit, and add it to the top line of your draft. Use this as a reminder to focus on the main idea, it will ensure that you keep the interests of your readers in mind when crafting your article.

7. Check for grammar and syntax errors is not poor

Effective posts are the result of a process, often looking something like this:

  • You have an original idea and a temporary title.
  • You research and collect information, data points, and citations.
  • You do a shorthand of new ideas that come to mind, writing down your ideas and ways of doing things.
    Then start to clearly, systematically present all that information into one piece of content, start structuring the article and remove additional or uninteresting information, that strengthens try your main goal.
  • The article needs to go through an editing process.

​This final stage is often rushed. However, now is the time for refinement and polishing. Sloppy, lengthy posts will only frustrate readers and make them feel like they’ve wasted their time – no matter how good the core ideas and advice are. Grammar errors distract from your ideas and what you want to convey to your readers.

Good luck!

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