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7 effective methods of closing sales over the phone that you should know

Closing sales  is an extremely  important step  in  the sales process , it determines whether your  sale transaction   is  successful  or not? But  in  fact,  sellers  often face many  difficulties  in  this journey  ,  possibly  from the  customer or sometimes  from  the seller  himself  . Maybe you are  not sophisticated or skillful to   close the order,  so  the process   Closing the  sale requires genuine  skills  and  the art of closing  the sale  .

Closing  the sale  is  a  decisive step in  the sales process  . Many  salespeople  performed  very well  in the previous stages, but by the time  they closed the sale  , they were clearly  confused and weak. Here we will learn about the methods of closing sales over the phone in the following article!

9 effective methods to close sales over the phone

1. Summary skill

Make the  customer  agree  after each idea in the  discussion . It should  be noted  that the  attraction  of each idea must be  equal , you only  emphasize  the points that create a real need or  want  with gestures, posture, words  and  (meaning  not to talk about  rampant, easy)  lead  to  no  purpose). For example   changing the necessary  range  of  salient   features of  the product  according  to the customer  ‘s  interest level by their nonverbal  expressions   while you are presenting.

7 Phuong Phap Chot Sale Via Dien Thoai Hieu Qua Text summarization skills

2. Referral Control

This is a “third party exposure” trick where you refer someone else, not yourself. It could be a manager or a colleague in your company. This shows transparency, and it can build trust with your customers and confidence that they are being cared for. If the manager cannot meet the customer in person, have them send a video message to the customer.

3. Set your intentions in advance

The goal of a welcome is to introduce yourself, make a good impression, and put the buyer at ease. If you don’t have a client relationship you don’t want to waste your time trying to make a good impression. If you know them, then you won’t want to waste time with small conversations that don’t lead to business. What we want to do is use this step to open the door to why we’re here: To turn a prospect into a buyer.

7 Phuong Phap Chot Sale Via Dien Thoai Hieu Qua 1 Set clear goals

4. Choose the right time

Timing to  terminate  the transaction is extremely  important . A transaction  can  end early in a few minutes, but there are  also transactions after many negotiations   to   close  the sale . You need to be subtle to realize the right time  is  when  the customer  has  all  questions answered. You  should not  be too hasty when not having the right  opportunity like  this  , maybe customers  will “fear” and  run away  ; But  every now and then an opportunity presents itself     that you do  not take also  means   you have  missed  an order.

5. Present your advantages and achievements

People often follow the people they admire. When you are asked “Who are some  of your typical clients  ?”, put an open letter that mentions  your company  ’s  capabilities  on the table  and calmly  say, “Here are some  of  our clients. “. You have to make sure the names you  pull  out are well known. And  then you  can  ask your guest if he needs to call to verify while you’re there  .

7 Phuong Phap Chot Sale Via Dien Thoai Hieu Qua 2 Presenting achievements

6. Offer a price before the presentation/presentation

After greetings, you’ll want to start by outlining the price, before you give a presentation or demonstration of a product or service. Let the customer know the price in advance, so that you can then spend the rest of the time explaining why the product/service is priced the way it is. People will resist you. You have to be good at building the value of your product/service so that it can far exceed the cash value of the customer.

7. Always happy with customers

This  is n’t  just about your attitude, but also your outward appearance,  arguably the  art  of closing the  sale . Smile at  everyone  in every situation you find yourself in. Do this until you  can  argue  with a smile,  disagree  with a smile, negotiate  , overcome  resistance,  and  close  the deal with a smile. Have you ever noticed that very  successful people  are smiling all the time? They  do n’t  smile because they  ‘re successful , they  ‘re effective because they smiled.


Above is information about 7 effective methods of closing sales over the phone that we want to share. Hope the name information will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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