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7 factors influencing Facebook ads

The issue of running cheap or expensive ads in my opinion is not as important as whether you can sell goods, or attract many people to interact with your caption. Many people often take the price of ads out to show to customers or others, but in my opinion if the ads are high priced but the conversion rate – high purchase – it is profitable to spend money on running ads, then the investment is complete. reasonable. However, if you can run cheap ads and sell goods at the same time, that’s great!. So what are the factors influencing Facebook ads? Follow the article below!

Here are 7 factors that influence Facebook ads

Love You To Anh Huong Den Quang Cao Factors affecting Facebook advertising

1. Good content, stimulating interaction

I think the first thing you should care about is the content, The content is written when running ads if the reader interacts when seeing or the click rate on your ad when seeing is high, the ad price will ” very Solf”.

Yeu To Anh Huong Den Quang Cao 1 Good content, Stimulating generals

  • Call to action
  • Eye-catching images
  • Interesting information right at the top
  • Call to action

2. Facebook Platform and Facebook Algorithm

Facebook Ads is based on the Facebook platform, so every time Facebook updates the algorithm, changes the policy will lead to a change in the effectiveness of the campaign running.
You know, through many updates, the last one was the meeting at the F8 conference. Facebook is tightening its grip on the goal of providing a better user experience and information security. There are many times when updating to ads does not produce interactions, comments, loading ads…. can not access. These issues directly affect the performance of your Facebook Ads.

When Facebook tightens the organic reach of the fanpage, it also means that you have to spend more money than usual to reach the same number of people as before.

3. Target the right audience

The simple thing that can be seen is that you have a good product but do not target the target customer. That leads to no sales on Facebook, or sales but inefficiencies.

There are 4 main types of Facebook target audiences:

Yeu To Anh Huong Den Quang Cao 1 1 Target the right audience

  • Saved Objects

Target by behavior, interests, habits… To make good use of this object, you need to identify the right audience. You need to understand the product, target customer segment, their behavior habits on Facebook.

  • Custom Audiences

A custom audience is an audience that has interacted with your fanpage, watched a video, visited your website, or made a purchase.
What does Facebook give you this audience for? Facebook provides this audience for us to re-targeting (remarketing) people who have made a purchase, are more likely to buy from you, people who have interacted will continue to interact on your fanpage. If combined with using chatbot, you will have free re-marketing for those who have inboxed the fanpage at a cost of 0 VND. That means you should exclude the file of people who have Inboxed when running ads to save costs.

For example: If you sell something when customers see the ad but are busy with something, they can’t see your fanpage in time. Then forgot the name of your fanpage. If we only reach new audiences and not reach them again, it’s a pity. Re-targeting to help them recall or re-reach them is extremely effective.
  • Lookalike audience

Facebook helps you find new audiences based on existing customer files. This helps you to target the right audience without having to fumble in the vast sea of ​​core audience. You can expand the set of customers that use this audience. You can ‘lookalike’ the object of each inbox, every interaction, every video, every website visit. Your job is to think of ways for customers to interact or inbox the page so you can ‘lookalike’

  • Lifetime customers (LTV)

The LTV Custom Audience isn’t a new audience to target, it’s simply providing more details to an audience file you already have. The lifetime value of a customer is the net profit you will make from that customer over the length of your relationship with them. Perhaps I should write about this object in another article so that people can better understand.

4. Overall your Fanpage

Running Facebook ads on fanpages can lead to different effects. In addition to the article running ads, when looking at the overall fanpage, you must create a professional reputation for the Fanpage.

Basic things that need to be completed if you want to sell:

  • Fanpage with contact information, clear address (the better)
  • Professional logo + cover (cover photo), clearly identifying the identity to color the image for the content throughout the fanpage
  • There are good reviews, positive feedback
  • It’s better to have an album of customer feedback
  • There are certificates of origin, circulation permits, awards for brand products, beauty products, dietary supplements, etc., usually products applied to the skin on the face, consumed, or ingested.
  • Should maintain the article, do not leave the article for too long

Have you done the basics yet?

Fanpage like natural or right audience is better than likes bought arbitrarily. Because the brand sometimes has to buy likes for the fanpage first, it solves the current problem but in the long run it is not good for the page. When you post a post, many uninterested objects will not interact, leading to Facebook understanding that this post is not good, will limit distribution or run ads, it must be priced high.

5. Pricing Strategy

You can have the above factors all good, but when looking at competitors with the same product if your price is not good, there is not exactly a special offer. This directly affects customer behavior: do they comment, like share, convert behavior (purchase, use service) or not. Therefore, this must combine market research and analysis to track your competitors to deliver the best message while still ensuring profitability to maintain the system.

6. Ad Account

The new Ad Account is usually not as stable and well distributed as the old Ad Account, TKQC used to run many campaigns, regular payments will be stable and the effect will be better than the new TKQC. Due to the prestige with Facebook, to solve this. There is no other way but you create an ad account and Prepare a budget for your campaign, always have the money on the visa card when Facebook bills. Regular payment, no policy violation. These factors over time will ensure you will have a reputable account in the eyes of Facebook.

7. Luck

Anything in life is lucky. And the view that maybe Facebook Ads has a bit of luck. Why, because even Target isn’t right or wrong. Then whether you are distributed to the right audience or have interactive behavior, you are lucky.


Those are all the factors driving Facebook ads that we want to share. Good luck!

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