7 Ways to increase the number of members in Group Facebook 2022

You want to build and develop a Facebook Group community to serve your goals. Creating a group is easy, right? Only how to get many members to join the group is a bit difficult. Then you can refer to some of the fastest ways to add members to the group below.

1. How to increase Facebook Group members

Increasing facebook group members simply means that a group meeting is promoted to increase the number of participating members rapidly. Can increase in 2 ways such as increasing active members and using increased tricks.

Increase Facebook Group Membership Increase Facebook Group members

However, no matter how to increase members, the purpose of creating a group is to help the team grow stronger. Adding more facebook group members helps to expand relationships and participate in active and vibrant group activities. If the group does not have a huge number of members, you can hire a service to increase member group.

2. Benefits of increasing Group Facebook


A group group that increases many members will bring many benefits as follows:

  • Increase free traffic for fanpage/website.
  • Sales in facebook groups increase great interaction from members who are in need of buying products.
  • The more members, the more potential customers.
  • Ease of sales, increase revenue.
  • Increase organization/individual brand recognition without advertising costs.
  • Create a favorable environment if you do business selling online.
  • Spread viral communication, word of mouth.
  • Increase prestige for facebook group.
  • Capture customer needs and control competitors.

With the above benefits, adding people to the facebook group is a must when creating a fb group. Owning one or more groups with many members participating is a strong advantage in sales business.

3. How to increase members for Group Facebook

Tang Thanh Vien Group Facebook 1 Increase members for Group Facebook

3.1 Invite friends to join

It can be said that when creating a facebook group, inviting friends to join the group is the first way to take advantage. This way you will not be spammed by facebook. Friends are considered a quality member by factors from real users and know you. To join the group, just add them and they automatically become a member without having to agree.

To add friends to the group just do the following:

  • Step 1: Go to the group page.
  • Step 2: Click More and select Invite Members.
  • Step 3: Select members to join the group.
  • Step 4: Select invite.

3.2 Increase members from multiple social networks

The way to increase members for facebook group quickly is to link many specific social networks such as group PR on forum channels, Website, Youtube, Email Marketing, etc. Just attach group group link to shared content and at the same time. invite more people to join.

3.3 Run ads to increase group members

Adding members by running ads is considered the most effective way. Because this method of increasing members costs money, but in return, the number of members is extremely high quality and attracts the number of participants in the most active and natural way.

You just need to post group information, share the group link to run ads in the form of articles.

3.4 Using facebook group buying service

If using techniques to increase facebook group members but still few members and time consuming. Use the facebook group buying service that has a huge number of members and many topics you are targeting. For this service, there are many different membership packages for you to choose from. When buying a facebook group, you can rename the group as you like.

3.5 Increase group members through software

For the form of increasing members by tool, the software is supported by third-party development to add 5000 people to the group at the same time. Only 1 click will invite simultaneously, not add each member like other tips.

However, it is not recommended that you use the way to add people to facebook groups thanks to this software because they are mostly virtual nicks. Even if a mem group has many members, it does not develop and interact in the group.

3.6 Increase members from other groups

The form of increasing members from many other groups can be applied in parallel with the following 2 options:

– Post a PR group post with the same topic on another group.

– Link your group with many other groups.

Do the following:

  • Step 1: Access the group group.
  • Step 2: Select Other => Select Available Group Link.
  • Step 3: Select Group Suggestions.


Suggest to the group when you are a member.

Link to the group when you are the admin.

  •  Step 4: Select Done.

3.7 Tips to help add members to the Facebook group

Turn on public mode: Making it public makes it easy for users to find groups on facebook fanpage. If they are interested in the topic of the group, then they click join now. Although it is simple, it attracts a lot of members to participate.

Post regularly: For the group to work well, post and share articles on an appropriate schedule. When the post has good content value, the user will automatically join the group.

Allow members to post, share articles: Building a group means building a community to participate. People share, exchange, and express opinions. Most of the development groups usually members are allowed to post.

Towards the same topic: If you want to build a long-term, stable group, identify a common content topic to aim for.

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