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8 latest SEO trends in 2022 that you should know

After a period of time, Google will have changes in SEO evaluation criteria, these are the things we need to know and do to be able to climb to the top of the search engine. Join us to catch 8 standard SEO trends in 2022 right below.

1. Content is still an important factor in SEO

9 Seo TrendsContent plays an important role in SEO

If you are an advertiser: Facebook ads, Google Ads, you will probably realize that the cost of reaching is higher and less effective than in previous years. Quality, SEO-standard content that meets the needs of users, providing a steady stream of traffic and the ability to get to the top, is working more efficiently and cost-effectively than running ads. So what are the trends to improve content to meet SEO 2022?

1.1 Length of content:

The current articles are usually between 1000 and 2000 words in length, but if you are a smart SEOer, you will realize the length to increase the likelihood to the Top will be about 2200 to 5000 words. Many content creators will find it difficult to do, but if you can’t do it, it may not mean that others can’t do it, that will be the reason you will be surpassed by your competitors. To be able to improve the length of the article, go to Outline in full detail to help build the content better. Reference: Content writing tools to increase the quality of your content right away.

1.2 Meet the SEO factors of a content post:

Standard SEO content makes it easier and higher for search engine bugs to rate your articles. The SEO standard elements of content in 2022 have not changed much, still need to ensure that the keyword appears in the subtitles, the description tag length is from 150 to 165 characters and some other criteria you can see. here.When the article is SEO-standard, content, quality, customer-oriented, it will be easy to get to the top to bring regular traffic to the website.

1.3 Unique Content:

There are millions of search results for an issue, but among them there are many articles with duplicate content. Google very poorly evaluates articles and websites with seo content copied by other parties. So it’s okay to consult the opponent’s opinion and make it your own, not copy the content. Google is very smart today, even if you edit the text differently, it is still possible to be considered a duplicate. Doing SEO in 2022 is a battle for customer satisfaction and artificial intelligence, so let’s promote your creativity as much as possible.

2. Optimize voice search

One of the most important and emerging SEO trends of recent times is voice search optimization. With the proliferation of smart voice assistant apps and smartphone voice search features, the way search is undergoing a tremendous change, changing both appearance and performance. fruit. So, if you want your site to position well on voice search, you’ll have to make the necessary changes to keep up with these changing dynamics.

3. Dynamic optimization

Optimizing your website for a positive mobile experience is one of the most important SEO trends of 2022. Just having a mobile-optimized website is not enough. Since mobile users have less patience than desktop surfers, the interface on your website should be easy to understand and highly navigable. Only then can you score high in Google’s mobile site index and rank high in search results.

4. Page loading speed

Not only the SEO criteria in 2022 from previous years, the page load speed factor is also evaluated in SEO. With any business or individual owning a website, designing an SEO-friendly website with fast loading speed is essential. Anyone does not want to wait too long for the content they want to see, the rate of users leaving every second is 7%. The loading speed of the website is related to hosting, image size and some other factors you can learn in the article SEO standard website design. Back to the page loading speed you can check with the PageSpeed ​​Insight tool.


Toc Do Load WebPage loading speed

5. Featured Snippets

SEO 2022 requires more user-experience-oriented elements, and featured snippets are one of them. Snippets are short snippets of results that Google directly answers to user queries in the search results listings.

If your content has a featured snippet, it will be selected by Google to rank 0 in the search results. This means that even though your article rankings are not in the top 1, a piece of content is above the top 1. This gives a higher chance of competition than the top 1 and it will certainly be. SEO trends 2022 a year full of challenges and competition in search engine optimization.

6. Video content

Plenty of data proves that visual content has greater acquisition and conversion value than plain text. One of the SEO trends that will continue to dominate over the next few years will be the use of video content to keep visitors on the site. Marketers will also become more adept at video SEO, optimizing content for indexing and ranking on search results through the use of tricks like thumbnail thumbnails and meta descriptions. Fit.

7. Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of life and SEO is also in it. Many years ago google built the RankBrain algorithm that plays an important role in google’s ranking factor for search results. Although google has not revealed much about related information, it can be predicted. This AI algorithm will soon become the top trend in SEO assessment.

Tri Tue Nhan TaoArtificial intelligence

8. Local SEO

Users tend to search for products/services by location. Therefore, the SEO factors of location-specific keyword phrases should develop stronger to be able to appear as close to customers as possible.

Above we have summarized for you the SEO trends in 2022 based on google activity analysis. Change your SEO activities accordingly to achieve the highest efficiency. Good luck!

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