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8 ways to optimize your articles to attract readers

Before you go from writing to editing, stop thinking about words for a while. Do something else, or do a final check when you can look at the work with new ideas and new perspectives. An even better alternative is to send the article to a team member who can review the content before it goes live.

Here are 8 ways to optimize your articles  to attract readers.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is perhaps the most important first step in any SEO campaign. It is the step that gives you the trends that users often search from so you will have a more specific view, better understand your target customers and build ideas with potential keywords. .

I Uu Bai Viet 1Keyword research

2. Use reduction

Why use reduction? It can make your writing less rigid and wordy.

The shortening makes your voice more dialogue, more “life”, more emotional. Write concisely so that the sentences are seamless and sound more natural.

3. Use the active voice

When you use the active voice, the subject does the action. In the passive voice, action happens to the subject, which can make your writing seem tedious and boring.

4. Use language

Similar to tone of voice, when writing articles, your words should also be used correctly and flexibly. As a content creator, of course, your language treasure will be very rich. And to use that treasure effectively, you must have the skill of using words.

This content writing skill is demonstrated that you use the right words for the cases. Your words clearly mean, do not mislead the reader. Besides, your words should also be changed flexibly. This helps to keep the words from repeating too much, causing discomfort to the reader.

5. Creative non-stop

The creative element is right there in the name of Content – ​​a creative person. This is a necessary and indispensable element for Content people. If you do not have this skill yourself, you will not be able to meet customer requirements, create attractive, highly interactive products.

Creativity makes your article stand out from the rest of the competition. Without it, your content won’t be as engaging. At the same time, your unit will not be able to maintain visitors to blogs, web, Social Media …

6. Clear and concise

This is the primary goal of editing. You must refine your language so that each idea/topic of each section, paragraph, and sentence is highlighted and clear. In order for your writing to be clear, you must have empathy for the reader – the work you write will not have much room for confusion or misinterpretation. One way to do this is to remove redundant words, irrelevant ideas and hype, and obvious details.

You should also use words that are familiar to the reader or include definitions for lesser-known words. This means you can add comparisons, metaphors or examples to shed light on a complex topic.

Let’s say you have an on-call nurse service on call and want to explain the benefits when someone is worried about a medical condition. Instead of stating this directly, you could say, “Our nurses will step in with advice about your physical and mental health when your mom won’t answer her phone.” That’s straight to the point in an easy to understand way.

Another way to create clarity in writing is to put things in context.
a status on a growing social platform, such as Snapchat, is one thing, but the rate of growth. How does this platform compare to Facebook or Instagram? This type of information helps enrich the meaning of the actual event or original idea.

7. Use short sentences and paragraphs

Break up long sentences and paragraphs to make your content easier to read and understand. Long paragraphs can be broken down into shorter paragraphs to make it easier for the reader to see the line and point of the paragraph instead of a very long boring paragraph. They will be more attractive and clear because they are separated by a newline space.

I Uu Bai Viet 2Use short sentences

Most importantly, these line breaks, along with varying sentence structure and length, create rhythm and a more relaxed feel to reading.

8. Limit spelling mistakes

Add this to your pre-publish checklist. Meticulously checking for spelling errors is always a good idea. Even small mistakes can have a negative impact on the perception of your brand by your readers – your potential customers.

So we have 8 methods to optimize your articles to attract more readers, let’s start practicing optimizing your existing or upcoming articles!

Wish you success and attract many potential customers!

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