About Adsmanager Facebook and how to use it effectively

The commands in the settings section and other features of Adsmanager Facebook (Facebook Ads Manager) confuse you? Then learn how to install it right away by following the simple steps presented below. This makes Facebook Adsmanager easy to use, but it also helps you achieve unexpected results when implementing an advertising strategy on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.


Learn about Adsmanager Facebook:

Want to find and connect quickly with your ideal customers? Are you looking for a way to make your brand more popular? And, most importantly, do you want your company’s sales to grow more? Adsmanager Facebook (Facebook ad manager) is one of the solutions that can help you solve these conundrums.

In short, the Adsmanager Facebook platform is like a “one-stop service” for running ads on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. This tool allows you to create ads, manage time, display placement and measure the performance of advertising campaigns.

Adsmanager Facebook fully integrates useful tools and features to help create and run effective Facebook Ads ads. So the interface and setting of features in Ads Manager can be difficult for you to manipulate.


Whether designed for all brands regardless of size or targeting any audience, with Adsmanager Facebook you don’t need to worry about advertising experience to set up an advertising campaign. Facebook Ads are effective for businesses.

Here are a few quick recaps of what you can do on Facebook Adsmanager:

  • Create a new ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Review and modify the campaign
  • Set a specific target audience for the campaign
  • Get information from real-time ad reporting

Many of the settings, tools, and strategies for running Facebook Ads can be set up and implemented on Instagram – completely saving time and effort.

Instructions for using Adsmanager Facebook:

Introducing the functions on Adsmanager Facebook:

To navigate Facebook Adsmanager Ads Manager well, you’ll need to know about three different levels of navigation:

  • Navigate between campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  • Visit the Adsmanager Facebook Ads Manager menu for events, audiences and payments.
  • Edit the columns and breakdown of the ad campaign report.


On the dashboard, you will need to pay attention to some of the following main items:

1, Main navigation menu:  Navigate to other tools like Business Manager or Audience

2, Create new ad campaign:  Click here to create new ad campaigns.

3, Campaign view:  Provides information about all Facebook campaigns when you start running.

4, Ad group view: Provides information about each ad group so you can compare them.

5, Ad view:  Provides information about each ad you are running.

6, Columns:  Toggle different columns to show different metrics about your campaign, ad group or ad.

7, Campaign Analytics:  Analytics allows you to filter results by time, delivery, or action.

8, Data Fields:  Analytics allows you to filter your results by time, distribution, or action.

Instructions to edit ad campaigns with Adsmanager Facebook:

To bulk edit campaigns, ad sets, or ads, check the boxes in the first column and select “Edit” in the navigation bar.


In this section, you can edit the campaign name, set a campaign spending limit (optional), and enable or disable the campaign.

Ad group

In this section, you can edit the name, placement, budget and schedule, ad group target audience, optimization, and delivery (meaning what your ad sets are optimized for). ), enable or disable ad groups.


In this section, you can edit the ad name, destination (i.e. the Facebook Page where your ad comes from), the ad’s content (image, text, link, call to action), enable or disable ads.

Instructions for viewing campaign reports on Adsmanager Facebook:

Through the Facebook Adsmanager filters, you’ll be able to see how your ads are performing against your goals and generate neat reports for your team.

Ad Filters: Find relevant campaigns, ad groups or ads

Facebook offers four quick ways to filter and search for specific ads or ad groups:

1, Search

2, Filter

3, Date range

4, Ad Tier

Above is the information about Adsmanager Facebook, hope the article will give you useful information in the process of running Ads Facebook.

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