Abuse of SMS advertising is counterproductive and costly

SMS advertising is an advertising service by message that allows businesses to promote their products and services to customers through mobile subscribers. Instead of using regular phone sims with prefixes like 01xxx, 09xxx or 8xx to send advertising information, promotional information.. to users, SMS advertising replaces those numbers with names. of brands, businesses and companies such as MBBank, ACB, SCB… so that customers feel more secure and confident when using the company’s services.

Why should businesses choose SMS advertising?

There are many reasons for businesses to consider joining SMS advertising services. Some great reasons can be mentioned as

– Quick time, customers can respond to messages from businesses immediately

– Cost savings than other forms of Marketing

– High ability to reach customers

– Simple, easy to implement and especially suitable for new start-ups, SMS advertising helps to find potential customers.


Improper SMS advertising will cause backlash:

SMS advertising is a marketing channel chosen by many businesses to reach customers. But too much abuse on SMS advertising will cause unnecessary consequences. Common mistakes businesses make when using SMS advertising:

Excessive SMS advertising:

Since SMS open rates are over 95%, some brands can’t resist sending SMS ads in quick succession in the hope that each one will bring in a response.

However, if you send too many messages, customers will think you are Spam and send your messages to spam. You need to know that you are annoying your customers and this causes many to unsubscribe from your list.


Send SMS ads to the wrong audience:

Your customers will certainly be annoyed if they receive promotional texts that they did not subscribe to in advance. Before you send SMS ads, you should make sure that customers have opted in with you and that you are indeed authorized to do so.

It is important that you follow your carrier policies and regulations to ensure that your messages are delivered to customers who are willing to receive them.

Send SMS ads to invalid number

Sending SMS ads to invalid numbers is the most common reason businesses often encounter when using SMS. The phone numbers in your customer data list have been changed or are from the start are fake numbers that reduce your message delivery and SMS Marketing implementation becomes less effective.

Sending unscientific SMS messages

No matter where your customers are, in the country and abroad, as long as you send SMS ads, your message will immediately be sent to participating customers. This is problematic when not all clients share the same time zone and free time.

SMS is best used to encourage urgent action, so the time you send your SMS ad plays a big part in your campaign’s success. Therefore, to overcome this problem, you should learn how to optimize SMS sending time.

Message content is too long:

A lot of businesses make the mistake of sending long, spammy texts. This can cause your message to be scattered, not concise and boring to the customer, or worse case, you can distort the meaning of the message you intend to send.

In general, SMS advertising is usually a short message, read quickly as soon as you open the phone so you don’t need to be lengthy for the subject, introduction or signature like Email.

The above is one of many mistakes that businesses often make when using SMS advertising services. Hope the article will give you useful information and avoid unnecessary mistakes!

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