Ads Conversion Facebook how to increase conversions on the website

Facebook Conversion Ads are also known as conversion ads. This is one of the forms of Facebook advertising to help you increase conversion goals on your business website.

Conversion Facebook is also known as conversion advertising

What are website conversions? This means that your customers visit the website and perform actions on it such as purchasing, downloading, placing an order, registering or clicking on a call or message…

This is also one of the relatively common uses for the App. In case if you want to improve the conversion rate on the app such as booking, purchasing, etc. Or run Facebook Conversion ads by reaching back to customers who have downloaded the app before.


Reasons to use Conversion Facebook:

Facebook provides services to users with a variety of different types of advertising to meet goals from sales to branding. And you need Facebook Conversion ads because:

  • Firstly, the Conversion promotion campaign helps to increase the conversion rate on the website more strongly. As stated above, Facebook Conversions are directly geared towards  conversions as a result . Therefore, your company will easily reach a variety of potential users and influence them to create conversions  right at your website.
  • Second, you can  directly monitor the user ‘s behavior on the website from Facebook’s manager. Any measurable metrics from the campaign should be a direct representation of the results you want to achieve within the campaign .
  • Third, when the campaign ends, you will know your own most demanding target group. Because you will know which objects have manipulated the desired actions on the website.


Conditions for running Facebook Conversion Ads

To use Facebook Conversion ads, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your website has attached the facebook pixel code to your advertising account
  • Conversion tracking events have been successfully installed on the website.

Note : the events you can install by ways such as directly through the website, install the event Google Tag Manager or through 3rd-parties.

This article Lokas does not go into detail on Facebook Conversions for each specific type. According to Lokas, this is considered a relatively good form, especially for e-commerce with desktop/mobile/app you can deploy in many ways with many diverse scenarios.

  • Conversion for own website, conversion for own app
  • Run conversion for new user/current user
  • A/B testing with different sets of new audiences
  • Creative ads with product feed
  • Mobile app + desktop deep link

How to optimize Facebook Conversion ads in each stage?

To help advertisers achieve their desired goals, after the campaign is set up and eligible to run. Facebook will optimize ads for you in stages.

For the machine learning phase

Machine learning is a stage that is always present in any campaign, not just Conversion Facebook ads. At this stage, Facebook mainly relies on existing data on user behavior to find the right target group. This audience group is considered to generate the most conversions. And after a process of reaching out to your message, Facebook will continue to record the interaction behaviors of these audience groups.

So with the available data, how will Facebook be selective? Facebook will base on previous interaction history. They can be people who have interacted before on websites with similar products or have liked your product. This phase usually ends when your campaign reaches 50 goals.


For the period when advertising begins to settle down

With the machine learning phase over, Facebook directly relies on customers who have completed their previous goal to continue reaching audiences with similar behavior.

For example, people who visited your registration page then successfully paid. Facebook records this data. Simultaneously gather a series of characteristics related to demographics, interests, behaviors, age, gender, etc. Then, the groups of objects in the set you have targeted with similar characteristics will be gathered. selected to display ads.

In turn, your campaign is optimized and gives the best results. The Facebook Conversion campaign is completed with the maximum number of Facebook goals. However, in this process, you also need to regularly monitor to promptly optimize the content as well as the targeting criteria in case the ad is not as effective as desired.

In addition, note for you that in order to make Facebook conversion ads, your website needs to meet certain conditions. You need to have the Facebook pixel code installed on your website to connect your website and Facebook information. And for each event you want to measure such as cart access, successful checkout, etc., you need to install each separate pixel code. These codes can be installed by code or installed through Google Tag Manager.

If your goal is to optimize the rate of order from the website, then you need to immediately use the Conversion Facebook ad. Facebook ads conversion will help you reach the most customers who are likely to convert. Running this form of advertising well, you will have an additional set of quality potential customers and can use this portrait to find more similar customer groups.

Above are detailed information about Conversion Facebook. Hope the article will bring you useful information to help your business have an effective marketing campaign!

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