AdSense still interesting?

Google AdSense is the most famous of all the advertising networks on the internet. This may be because Google itself is the king of the Internet, and its services and products dominate the most. So, how does AdSense work?

What is Niche?

Whatever your niche, AdSense automatically generates ads that match your blog’s theme. For example, if you like music reviews, then the ads in your blog are generally music stores, music downloads, etc. What has been noticed in professional blogs is that they do not contain Google AdSense. This may be because these professional bloggers receive direct advertising from advertisers while Google, a third-party ad network, are the main communicators of advertisers in the industry. our blog. Well, if your blog is already highly profiled, well packed with relevant information and constantly updated, advertisers will prove that your blog is a serious business,

AdSense first rule

Through word of mouth advice: never click on your own ads. Google sees and Google knows. Hahaha. Seriously, being a super giant internet mogul, Google certainly has ways to track the validity of your ad clicks. In conclusion, they say that Google is the fastest, most reliable and most secure ad network out there. Sure, there are a lot of them but Google AdSense is at the top of the list. But following the general golden rule of bloggers (I came up with this rule). Find a niche then advertise your niche. Serious blogging before you serious advertising.

So is it still cool?

The downside of this famous monetization venture is that it automatically terminates your account whenever they detect invalid click activities. For example, some malicious visitor or your adversary will visit your site and just click on each ad, then Good luck! Regardless of your earnings, Google takes it all away. So imagine if you had $500 it would go away quickly, well, another Good Luck!

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