AdsManager User Guide for self-run ads

To access the Adsmanager aka Facebook ads manager, you can go to the left sidebar of any Facebook page and click the drop-down arrow to select “Facebook Ads Manager”.


Introducing functions on Adsmanager:

To navigate the adsmanager Ads Manager well, you’ll need to know about three different levels of navigation:

  • Navigate between campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  • Visit the Facebook AdsManager Ads Manager menu for events, audiences, and payments.
  • Edit the columns and breakdown of the ad campaign report.

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On the dashboard, you will need to pay attention to some of the following main items:

1, Main navigation menu:  Navigate to other tools like Business Manager or Audience

2, Create new ad campaign:  Click here to create new ad campaigns.

3, Campaign view:  Provides information about all Facebook campaigns when you start running.

4, Ad group view: Provides information about each ad group so you can compare them.

5, Ad view:  Provides information about each ad you are running.

6, Columns:  Toggle different columns to show different metrics about your campaign, ad group or ad.

7, Campaign Analytics:  Analytics allows you to filter results by time, delivery, or action.

8, Data Fields:  Analytics allows you to filter your results by time, distribution, or action.

Instructions for editing ad campaigns with Adsmanager:

To bulk edit campaigns, ad sets, or ads, check the boxes in the first column and select “Edit” in the navigation bar.


In this section, you can edit the campaign name, set a campaign spending limit (optional), and enable or disable the campaign.

Ad group

In this section, you can edit the name, placement, budget and schedule, ad group target audience, optimization, and delivery (meaning what your ad sets are optimized for). ), enable or disable ad groups.


In this section, you can edit the ad name, destination (i.e. the Facebook Page where your ad comes from), the ad’s content (image, text, link, call to action), enable or disable ads.

Instructions for viewing campaign reports on adsmanager:

Through Facebook AdsManager’s filters, you’ll be able to see how your ads are performing against your goals and generate neat reports for your team.

Ad Filters: Find relevant campaigns, ad groups or ads

Facebook offers four quick ways to filter and search for specific ads or ad groups:

1, Search

2, Filter

3, Date range

4, Ad Tier

Ads Manager Key Metrics

Post results and comments:  This is just the number of conversions or goal completions you’re getting.

Cost-per-result:  This is how much you spend on acquiring new leads, new customers, etc. If your goal is conversions, this will be cost-per-conversion.

Click-through rate:  This is the number of link clicks divided by the number of impressions. If your CTR is less than 1%, it indicates that your ad is not engaging or has not reached the right target.

Ad Frequency:  This number shows your ad impressions divided by reach – or the average number of times a person has seen your ad. Everyone knows what it feels like to watch the same commercial a million times

Quality Rating:  Score given by Facebook. It tells you how relevant your ad is to your target audience.


Some useful features outside of AdsManager Ads Manager

Audience Insights:  is a tool to help you learn more about your target audience, including aggregated information about demographics, locations, behaviors, etc.

Power Editor:  Power Editor is for people who want to bulk create ads on the go and want specific control over how ads are served.

Facebook Pixel:  is a number of lines of code that make it possible to leverage the actions people take on your website to create better Facebook ads.


Facebook Adsmanager features allow you to manage and tailor your ads to accomplish specific goals. If you skillfully use this tool in combination with understanding the facebook advertising policies, you will easily optimize the factors that help Facebook Ads achieve the best effect.

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