All information about the current facebook marketing service you should know

Facebook marketing service is the leading tool and solution to implement business and marketing strategies of businesses. If you are in need of hiring Facebook marketing services but do not know where is the right advertising address, then the following article will share with you.

What is Facebook marketing service?

Facebook marketing services are issues related to Profile, Fanpage, Group, knowledge and needs: increase interaction, increase like, sub, increase reach (number of people to reach), increase group members… In general Facebook services are many and varied.

Although it is so many and diverse, you just need to understand the basic essence of what is that user behavior, facebook users can’t do or they don’t have enough time and resources to do but in return. they have money and need for this facebook marketing service…, they want advice, support or systematization…
With some brief examples above, it will help you somewhat imagine. concept and nature of this service industry.

Facebook marketing services are available in the market


  • Increase follow (increase sub, increase follow …)
  • Services to increase like, comment, share
  • Services to unlock accounts, security, fanpage.
  • Automated interactive services, automatic comments.
  • Services related to interactive filtering, making friends by target.
  • Services on exchange and trade: Fanpage, Profile, Group.
  • Service to increase likes, increase reviews related to Fanpage.
  • Services related to Training, consulting, coaching…
  • Services related to writing articles, retrieving articles to post on profiles, pages, groups.
  • Service running ads from UID
  • Service of raising secondary facebook nick.

Why has Facebook marketing service become so popular?

  • Facebook is a “special social network” with extremely high population density: The number of users on Facebook is increasing, so the ability to market to many customers is high
  • Facebook marketing services target the right potential customers: This is also the top benefit when using Facebook to advertise. You can ask advertising services to adjust the target audience based on criteria, and classify the audience. From there, your ads will only show to the right customers who are in need. For example, if you run a language center, to be able to reach customers and students, Facebook is an effective marketing channel for your English language center.


  • High Connectivity: In Facebook, when a user likes, comments or shares a post, the post will be immediately visible to their friends. This will help your post reach more users. In addition, thanks to the features of commenting, messaging, etc., you can directly interact and solve customer queries in a timely manner.
  • Facebook marketing service has low cost but high efficiency. You only need to spend a few million per month to be able to run Facebook ads, effectively reaching many potential customers. At the same time, it also saves you considerable time when everything is supported and taken care of by Facebook advertising services.

Notes to use Facebook Marketing services effectively

  • Choose the service that suits you and your needs.
  • Gain insight into your customers’ needs, wants, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Build your own brand reputation, personal brand quality (difference, professionalism); Always a professional.
  • Always expand your customer file, expand your relationship.
  • Facebook marketing services are based on the reputation of the service business, so when you buy or use these services, check the reviews, or ask your friends to ensure safety or transact via Facebook. intermediaries to avoid being scammed.


Lokas brings superior Facebook Marketing services to all businesses

As a professional, experienced agency, fully understand how Facebook works and algorithms to make Facebook Marketing services run smoothly. Facebook Marketing services that Lokas provides include:

+ Manage fanpage content by month, with many forms of posting and flexible content presentation.

+ Support  running Facebook ads , optimizing costs.

+ Content Marketing services, write unique advertising content for all fields and business lines.

+ Design professional media publications such as images, videos… for Facebook ads.

+ Implement effective seeding activities.

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