AMP Adsense automatic advertising tool brings many benefits to businesses

AMP Adsense is also known as AMP Auto Ads. The term AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a collection of web components that allow you to create a website that works efficiently, loads quickly, and stays stable on any device.

What is AMP Adsense?

This is an automated form of AdSense ads placed on your business’ AMP page. This is an ad created using AMP-HTML and using a variety of smart apps that accelerate AMP pages.

These ads can only appear after being reviewed. Make sure they are free of malicious software. On top of that, these ads can appear anywhere on the website, not just on the AMP page.


What are the benefits of using AMP Adsense?

Using AMP Adsense is a new, better way to build, deliver and measure promotional campaigns faster, leaner and safer.

AMP Adsense makes ads faster driving better performance

AMP Adsense ads are 6 times faster than regular ads on AMP pages. Make AMP ads more viewable, more effective, and more likely to perform.

Because on AMP pages they are requested early in the rendering of the page and immediately displayed just before the user is about to see the ad. Reducing AMP creatives also increases speed.


Lighter ads lead to better ad experiences

Heavy and unpredictable ad experiences slow down the page, costing users money. And it can have a negative impact on your brand. AMP Adsense ads are 3 times lighter and the AMP Adsense framework ensures that these ads work just as intended. Faster ads lead to higher view rates. Hence the higher click-through rate. Leads to higher advertiser conversions.

Safer advertising builds credibility for your brand

AMP ads need to be validated before they are served. They eliminate the risk of malicious software preventing them from spreading malware through ads with AMP ads. Not only is the user safe, but the advertiser’s brand awareness is undeniable.


How display ads on AMP pages work

Once you’ve created AMP pages, you can serve existing AMP Adsense ads on these pages. Start by adding the <amp-ad> tag to your AMP page, which is the primary mechanism for requesting ads from the ad network in AMP pages. AMP supports more than 100 ad networks.

  • Read best practices for AMP page ads (applicable to all ad networks).
  • Create <amp-ad> tags directly in Ad Manager without having to manually edit the code.
  • Run a report to confirm that the AMP page is using the <amp-ad> tag.
  • We recommend setting up an AMP test page and validating it to ensure your ads will serve.
  • Find out if your AMP pages are performing well.

From a regulatory standpoint, not much has changed for ads on AMP pages.

For Ad Manager, we recommend using AMPHTML ads. You can serve AMPHTML ads on AMP and non-AMP pages.

Above are the benefits of using AMP Adsense for businesses. Hope the article will bring you useful information. Need advice on marketing solutions please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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