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Auto call is a cost-effective solution for real estate businesses

If you are in the real estate business, you should not ignore the article auto call cost-saving solutions for real estate businesses below!

Limitations and difficulties when using traditional telesales

Do you know? The traditional telessale method of real estate businesses today is often very expensive and causes difficulties in the implementation process:

The problem posed:

You have 5 telesales staff, each person can call 150 phone numbers/day, the average call duration is 2 minutes/call, the call cost is 1000 VND/minute

Telephone charges:

+ Each employee 300 minutes/day x 1000 x 30 days = 9 million/month

=> 5 employees x 9,000,000 call charges = 45,000,000/month

Employee hiring costs

Auto Call Phase 2

Hire telesale staff: (7 million/month/person) = Hard salary + allowance, surcharge + sales (if any)

=> 5 NV x 7,000,000 = 35,000,000/month


  1. Auto call – the leading cost-saving solution for real estate businesses

So what is Auto call?

Auto call is a solution to automatically call customers according to an available list for the purpose of finding potential customers for businesses.

The Auto Call PBX solution allows calls to be made automatically with a pre-prepared IVR scripting system. Accordingly, real estate businesses only need to enter a list of phone numbers according to the excel file, import into the system, select a specific time and automatically call out to customers.

What benefits does this solution bring to businesses?

Firstly, Auto call helps real estate businesses to automatically telesales to customers, conduct multiple campaigns to introduce products/services by automatically calling customers.

Second, this solution helps real estate businesses not need a telesales team and still find potential customers for themselves. Once a potential customer has been identified, the staff will be 100% consulted for warm/hot customers who want to learn about the company’s products instead of the traditional telesales method when the sales team only contacts customers. cold/cold goods. Increase the efficiency of “Locking” customers for businesses.

Auto Call Phase 1

Third, smart call routing feature. The feature allows customers to reconnect to the nearest employee who has advised them and automatically identifies the phone number the customer is using as the subscriber number of the network operator, the system will take the correct sim of that carrier. call customers.

Fourth, this form helps businesses minimize the cost of hiring personnel, monthly phone charges and calling time. Thus, with a large amount of customer data, Autocall is one of the perfect solutions to help real estate businesses overcome this problem.

What are the outstanding advantages of Auto Call?

Each marketing channel has its own unique strengths. And Auto call also has many advantages over other forms of marketing.

Some notable advantages of the Auto call service include:

  • Allows creating Text to Voice voice or self-recording content exchanged with customers
  • Only start charging when the customer agrees to connect
  • Automated calls to thousands of subscribers every day
  • Allow to call back when the customer is busy or does not pick up the phone
  • Automatically update customer data into the data system
  • Facilitating automatic campaign scheduling
  • Detailed call results report
  • Can export an Excel file to report each item when the campaign is completed


In short, Autocall is a valuable support tool for real estate businesses in finding and interacting with potential customers most effectively.

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