Basic preparation steps to run Facebook Ads for newbies

Facebook ads are one of the most popular forms of marketing today. This is the platform that brings in an infinite number of potential customers. So what do you need to prepare to exploit effectively? Let’s find out with Lokas through the article below.

The concept of facebook ads:

Facebook ads are also known as facebook ads, you are allowed to use Facebook’s platform to advertise your products or services to users on the Facebook application platform. Based on user behaviors that Facebook allows advertisers to target audiences by: Age, gender, geographical location, interests, behavior, demographics… Besides, You can combine with the website to create effective Re-targeting, Dynamic ads campaigns, increase conversion rates and sales on the website.


What do you need to prepare to start running facebook ads?

Ad accounts and payment cards:

There are 2 mandatory conditions you must have if you want to run facebook ads that are advertising account and payment visa card.

Advertising account:

There are 2 advertising accounts on facebook ads, which are:

  • Personal Account:  is a basic advertising account associated with each user’s personal nick. You just need to add a Visa/Master payment card and you can run ads right away. Create a personal account at: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager
  • Business account (Business Account):  is an account used for businesses or organizations, with more features extended than personal accounts. Facebook allows you to create up to 2 Facebook ad accounts in your business and link advertising accounts, integrate with fanpage, etc. Create a business account at: https://business.facebook.com /adsmanager

The personal Facebook account used to run ads should be used as long as possible. If you’re using a new account to run ads on Facebook, it should be active for at least a month, have regular activity, and interact with friends to build credibility with Facebook.

If you don’t want to use a personal account, you can buy an account to run ads at the hubs that supply raw materials to run facebook ads.

Visa card payment: 

There are two types of visa cards, visa credit and visa debit. Visa credit card is a type of card to spend first, pay later, while visa debit card is the opposite, you need to have money in the card first to be able to pay. Both of these types can be used to run ads on facebook ads.

In Vietnam, there are many visa cards of many different banks, each bank will have different service advantages. Currently, most of the Visa debit cards from issuing banks are accepted by Facebook. But you should use Techcombank or SCB because the payment is free of charge and SCB alone will refund the total spending in 1 year. Using ACB bank you will have to spend 50,000 VND / charge fee.



Only Fanpage can use ads on Facebook ads. So owning a fanpage is a must.

Before running ads on Facebook ads, you need to build a fanpage with good content, upload articles regularly:

  • If it is a sales fanpage, it is necessary to fully update product information such as images, uses, … to create trust with customers.
  • In addition to articles about products, you need to update more useful content, share knowledge, tips, etc. to attract long-term attention of customers. You need to give customers a reason to Like and follow your Fanpage
  • The profile picture, cover photo of the Fanpage should be beautiful and attractive images, possibly promotions and incentives.
  • Customer feedback about the product is also important. You should ask friends to rate the fanpage or comment on products and articles to create trust for customers.


Plan and goals for the advertising campaign:

Planning, setting goals is a must-do process for any job if you want to be successful. Advertising on Facebook ads is no exception.

Before running ads on Facebook, you need to know what your purpose is, what results you want to get after spending money on running ads.


  • Profit goal: From the cost of running high on facebook every day, how much money will you earn. From there, plan and adjust advertising to optimize costs.
  • Target customers: You need to understand your product to know who its customers are. From there, target the right customers, increase the effectiveness of Facebook ads


  • You need to plan specifically, need to be careful about:
  • Facebook ad campaign execution time
  • What is the budget for a Facebook ad campaign?
  • Number of ads to run in the campaign
  • While running ads, what items should be checked, according to what criteria?

Above are the basic steps to prepare when starting the process of running facebook ads. Hope the article will bring you useful information.

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