Basic principles for a good Facebook ads content

More and more people use Facebook and use it as a means  to sell. However, Facebook users are increasingly losing faith in the goods on Facebook. The question here is: How do you  attract consumers to your ads? The answer is: To do that, you need to create Facebook ads content. But this is by no  means easy.

To have an  innovative Facebook ads content that entices consumers: You  must determine who your target audience on Facebook is? In addition, your content on Facebook needs  to reach users most effectively. Here, I will share with you my experience of creating advertising content on Facebook.

1. Facebook advertising content needs to be attractive and attractive

First of all, the content needs to be really engaging and engaging. Why is it important to attract? Because on Facebook, users won’t linger too long on a less-than-interesting article, often they only spend a few brief seconds deciding whether to continue reading the content or not.


Not to mention, Facebook also has the ability to recommend similar content based on customer search data, you need the Facebook ads content you create to be really different and impressive to be able to compete with others. those requirements.

2. Right object

Sell ​​what users need, not what they have, but knowing that they need it, but how to find them is not easy. There are many popular ways to target audiences in Facebook ads content, but this article will only outline the criteria for finding a good audience, including:


– Appropriate age: Breaking down the audience by age is a good idea, it is important to note the specific characteristics of each age group such as young people, middle-aged people, etc.

– Appropriate behavior: Facebook’s algorithm can record all behavior, interaction trends , favorite content ….on each user’s news feed, taking advantage of this will help advertisers reach to the object with the closest interaction behavior with its product.

– Insights is the key: Those who do not know how to see insights, learn to see them now. Very interesting

3. Just the right length

Facebook ads content should not be too wordy. Unlike PR articles, blog posts, SEO articles, you can write from 600 to 1500 or even 2000 words, but on Facebook framework , you only need to stop the word count to about 100-300 words. For articles with topics affecting real estate, technology that require in -depth analysis or possess a lot of information , you should  develop longer articles to  about 400 words. In my experience, the complete copy of the copy will be around 250-350 words.

4. High persuasion

The content you put out needs to be persuasive to potential customers. Because in today’s market, they have too many different choices and are often distracted by a series of other rival brands. Therefore, conquering them or not depends entirely on your actions, expressed through persuasion from articles to images.


Convincing here is the logic and specific and detailed explanations to answer the questions in the customer’s mind: is this really the product for me, will it help me solve my problems? Specific topic, why should I choose products from this brand and not from another brand? Why am I required to buy it immediately? Those are the questions that help you complete the Facebook ads content.

5. Achieve the original goal

You can not  measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads content by sentiment (right or wrong, interesting or boring, ugly or beautiful …), but must approve whether it achieves the original purpose? For example, your content was written for promotion to generate engagement, but in the end, did it have the expected impact? Or the article was created to promote you to register early for the course, send a message to buy, how many people will comment, share, click on the link as a result?


In short, no matter how you use it, the Facebook ads content must achieve the set purpose to be effective.

If you feel the information from this article is reasonable, please optimize each principle to bring the desired Facebook ads content effectiveness. Don’t forget the Lokas solution to help you better manage and sell on Facebook. Wish you successful business!

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