Benefits for businesses when running google ads

Statistics show that about 81% of internet users access websites thanks to online search engines. In which, Google dominates with 89%, far ahead of many other tools. With its current position, Google has become an effective tool for businesses. Here are the benefits of Google Ads advertising for businesses.

Benefits of using Google Ads

Reach potential customers quickly, accurately and at the right time

Do not appear rampant and useless like traditional advertising tools such as billboards, flyers, banner ads, etc. Google ads allow information & business images to appear to the right audience who are looking for field information. the area you do business in. This smart approach of Google Ads helps you see the size of the market on the internet, better understand the psychology of potential customers’ behavior, thereby making the right improvements to improve business performance. business on the internet.


Especially, when the trend of online shopping is increasingly popular and widely used. In addition to helping to reach potential customers, businesses can also increase conversion rates right on their website. And from there, the revenue increased significantly.

Fast and accurate

Besides the benefits mentioned above, google ads also have the advantage of being easy to install, easy to display, helping businesses to take advantage of every moment in their business, and easily seize every opportunity. It only takes you about 1 hour to install an ad campaign and only 5 minutes for Google ads to be approved and displayed.

Instantly measure performance

Google Ads allows you to track all the activities related to your ads: impressions, clicks, CTR metrics, bounce rate, etc. so you know exactly what’s going on and How to improve advertising activities for businesses. The indexes are updated in real time so you can optimize anytime and anywhere. Not only that, but Google also launched a tool to set up own reports so that not only you can track, but advertisers can also easily send reports when needed.


Expand potential customers

You will have to do keyword research so that customers will see your product through the keywords they have searched on Google’s search engine. Additionally, Google can help you move your ads to locations where you can easily reach potential customers.


Suitable for all budgets

Using Google Ads you can control how you spend your money. There is no minimum payout amount. You can choose how much you spend per ad, per month, per day and pay when someone clicks on your ad.


You will know how much the daily budget has been used, the amount of traffic to the website as well as the number of target customers who have purchased the product or signed up for information. Knowing the above information helps you to adjust your budget for running more reasonable ads.

Have an edge over your competitors

On a platform as big as Google, facing competitors is inevitable. However, this will give your business many advantages in confronting them. For example, you can go to their website to improve something they can’t do. From there, you can improve the quality score of your website and get to the top faster. In addition, it will be easy to research market keywords through competitor keywords.

Remarketing customer files in Google ads

Finally, Google helps you implement a “recall” method to re-reach customers who have already visited your website. There will be the following cases:

  • Customers are interested in the product but are hesitant
  • Add to cart but customer forgot


Google will help you track customer behavior through ads. Being in front of an audience who is already interested in the product will increase the rate of return to buy higher. You need to act fast while their needs are still fresh.


From the benefits that Google Ads advertising brings, there is no reason for your business to ignore this type of advertising. Everything you do is proactive from managing campaigns, adjusting bids to measuring ad performance.

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