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Benefits of Google Ads that you should know

Google Ads is a smart form of advertising with many advantages, bringing great efficiency. But what is Google Ads? What are the benefits of Google ads?… All will be answered by Lokas through the article on the benefits of Google advertising below.

Benefits of Google Ads

What are the benefits of Google ads that attract so many people to want to use them? Check out 8 reasons why you should run Google Ads below.

1. Support except Google

When using Google Adwords, users will receive maximum support from Google because this is the priority policy for Google services. Google also continuously develops other tools such as Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, etc. to maximize the effective and fastest support for advertisers. In addition, when using Google Adwords, fraud will be limited because Google always promptly updates new policies.

2. Low cost effective advertising

When using Google ads, your website will appear in special positions, with a higher position than other websites. This makes it easy for potential customers to see your message.

Your ads will only show when users have a need to search for your brand, products and services, and only when they click on your ad to see more information, you will have to pay. This means you pay and are more likely to convert your visits into sales.

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3. Ad targeting

Do not appear rampant and reach all objects such as leaflets, banner ads… Google Adwords only appears and reaches potential customers who are in need of learning and using the service. that you are doing business with.

With this smart approach, Google Adwords advertising will help you better understand the psychology of potential customers, thereby improving and improving the efficiency of your online business. This is a benefit of Google advertising that you cannot ignore

Some of the choices you have with online advertising can make your marketing campaign more targeted:

  • Keywords:  Words and phrases related to your products and services, used to show ads when customers search for those terms or visit related websites.
  • Placement:  Displays ads on Google search results pages and websites on the Google Search and Display Network.
  • Age, location, and language:  Choose the age, geographic location, and language of your customers.
  • Date, time, and frequency:  Show your ad at certain hours or days of the week and determine how often it appears.
  • Devices:  Your ads can appear on all types of devices, and you can fine-tune which devices your ads appear on and when.

Good ad targeting will help your ads reach more people interested in your products and services, showing them relevant ads. The advertising message of the business will be accurately aimed at the potential customers who are in need in the fastest and most effective way.

4. Cost control

Using Google Ads you can control how you spend your money. There is no minimum payout amount. You can choose how much you spend per ad, per month, per day and pay when someone clicks on your ad.

You will know how much the daily budget has been used, the amount of traffic to the website as well as the number of target customers who have purchased products or signed up, find out information. Knowing the above information helps you adjust your budget for running more reasonable ads.

5. Measure performance

With many other advertising tools, sometimes it takes 1-2 weeks, even months to get advertising statistics, such a long time can make you have to make up for a large loss. if the advertising campaign is not reasonable and effective.

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Unlike Google ads, which are integrated with many intelligent statistical and analytical tools that will help you immediately see the effectiveness of your ads through metrics such as number of impressions, number of clicks, CTR index, etc. … This helps you adjust your advertising strategy accordingly for maximum effectiveness.

You can also get a lot of other valuable data such as tracking customer actions, using analytics tools to understand customer shopping habits.

6. Manage your campaign

One of the benefits of Google ads is that Google Ads also gives you tools to easily manage and track your account.

If you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, a Client Center (MCC) manager account is a powerful tool that can save you time. This account allows you to easily view and manage all your Google Ads accounts from a single location.

You can also manage your Google Ads account offline with Google Ads Editor, a free and downloadable desktop app that lets you make changes to your account quickly and convenient. With Google Ads Editor, you can download your account information, edit your campaigns offline, and then upload your changes to Google Ads.

7. Change advertising message quickly

You will be hard pressed to find an advertising tool that can help you easily change your advertising message in just 15 minutes. But this for Google Ads is completely possible and quite easy to do. You can change your ad’s message at any time, and within 15 minutes the new message will appear on Google’s search results.

8. Good support for SEO activities

In addition to the benefits of advertising Google can bring directly to the user. You can also take advantage of Google Adwords for SEO activities thanks to statistics, evaluation of keyword effectiveness, potential customers, actual customer needs… Because of the advantages of fast, accurate, easy to measure measure, you can easily define the target and market for SEO.

If you can combine Google ads and SEO well, you will definitely have a huge advantage over many other competitors.

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