Benefits of using Customer care SMS for businesses

Customer care SMS is also known as customer care message. This message service allows businesses providing products and services to send customer care information to mobile subscribers, the sender’s name will display the brand or a 10-digit mobile number depending on the package. use that the business has registered with the network operator.

What does customer care SMS content include?

Information content of customer care SMS includes:

  • Send thanks and gratitude to customers on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.
  • Notice of relocation, opening time, new location
  • Announce internal information: working schedule, meeting time ….
  • Information from electricity companies, clean water companies: notice of monthly electricity bills, time to pay, notice of electricity bills paid by customers.
  • Information from banks: Account fluctuations, customer account balances.
  • School information: notice of class schedule, notice of tuition payment, electronic contact book.
  • Information from securities companies: Account fluctuations, customer account balances.
  • Other service content is not advertising.


Benefits of using SMS customer care:

Saves time and money

Compared with other marketing methods, the time and investment cost for customer care SMS is extremely low. Because this service is performed according to an automatic process, simultaneously sending messages to customers in a short time. Charges based on telecommunications services, 2-3 times lower than other advertising campaigns.


Effective communication channel

Customer care SMS is a service that sends messages to customers that are recommended to use today. SMS Marketing does not violate SMS spam according to regulations. Therefore, sending messages to customers creates trust, does not feel troublesome.

Show professionalism and respect for customers

Customers are an important factor to help businesses grow. A message displaying the brand name sent to customers with happy birthday content helps them remember longer. Therefore, customers feel respected and understand their values.

Increase brand awareness

In today’s competitive advertising market, customer care SMS plays an important role in enhancing brand value for businesses. Most large and small businesses can use this service flexibly to create their own advertising and marketing channels.


Remember messages longer, increase message read rate and retention

If the message is in the form of a phone number, the content of the SMS will make it difficult for customers to remember or even skim through. But displaying a message with a brand name makes a good impression and recalls it when it needs to be remembered. Compared with promotional messages from the beginning of the number and the messages with the brand name, of course, customers will always prioritize the brand.

What should I pay attention to when using SMS for customer care?

Customer care SMS is a message that carries a personalized message of care, notification, and instruction to a customer about a service that the customer has used. Or you can send happy birthdays, holidays, etc. Customer care messages will not have to wait for approval, no time limit for sending messages compared to QC messages. However, currently, the network operator is tightening the content of brand messages sent through the customer service channel. Accordingly, the content of customer care must be the content including but not limited to the following: happy birthday, notice of points / account balance, announcement of customer care programs for members, confirmation receive purchase order,…

In particular, the network operator always has mechanisms to block Ads with keywords and has personnel to monitor the system. There are messages with advertising meaning but not containing advertising keywords in the carrier’s preset list, which can still be sent. However, after each month, the operator still has a form of post-inspection and penalty notice.

With advertising content (QC) (containing keywords such as: sale, sale off, detention, detention, promotion, uu dai, Trung thuong, rut Tham, boc Tham, …) if sent via The customer service channel will be blocked by the network operator and will put the brand name on the blacklist. If the brand repeats the offense many times, the brand name will be locked and an administrative fine of up to 30 million VND / 1 message.

Above is the information about SMS customer care service, hope the article will bring you useful information!

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