Call Center

Virtual PBX service & Call center

Increase quality and reach customers with our virtual PBX & Call center service, which reduces costs along with personnel and is easy to manage in the enterprise model.

Smart switchboard

Increase business efficiency with high quality & unlimited calls.

Safe security

The system is secure and safe thanks to a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.

Simple interface

Use a simple interface that is easy to operate and easy to use even for novices.


All channels, personal data are gathered on the interface.

Call Center

Our working process.

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Apply artificial intelligence technology.

Use Google’s voice recognition artificial intelligence to store and convert voice to text messages, increasing the best call control.

Customers talk about us.

We always listen to the objective reviews of our customers to improve and develop.

We will do...

Choose a package

Based on the product service brand to choose to sign the package suitable for the business.

Choose a number

Select a number including selecting an outgoing number and selecting an incoming number and registering.

The script

Create unique engaging script content about greetings, management division.

Device IP phone

Instructions for choosing and using a desktop IP phone device to listen to calls back.

Service Activation

Complete all information will activate the service within a certain period of time.

Service Setup

Based on the information provided from the business, set up the service.


Support consulting and user manual for users to know and use the switchboard system.


Measure and report campaign success, failure, and sales metrics.

Price list of virtual PBX services.


Basic service pack
15 $ / month
  • 1 - 5 employees
  • Unlimited customer storage
  • 15$ setup fee


Extended service pack
29 $ / month
  • 6 - 10 employees
  • Unlimited customer storage
  • 22$ setup fee


Advanced service pack
45 $ / month
  • 10 - 12 employees
  • Unlimited customer storage
  • 35$ setup fee

Depending on the type of business that chooses the most suitable service package, contact us to be able to choose the most suitable service package.

Quality makes a brand

Contact us for related information consulting support.

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