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Evoice Marketing is the perfect solution for businesses

Evoice marketing is considered as a new advertising method that is effective and impressive for users. So what is evoice marketing and the benefits of using it, please refer to the article below. What is Evoice Marketing? Evoice Marketing is first and foremost…

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What is Virtual PBX? What are the benefits to the business?

Are you a business, looking for a cost-effective solution to invest in hardware equipment for your company? Don’t worry, virtual PBX is the perfect choice for your business right now. What is Virtual PBX? Virtual PBX is a switchboard that is used entirely…

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How does the virtual PBX work?

A virtual PBX is a phone exchange used on a virtual network, just an internet connection or 3G or 4G can be used. Enterprises who want to understand the useful features of a virtual PBX must first understand how the virtual PBX…

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Revealing 9 great benefits of IP PBX

IP PBX is the perfect solution for many businesses today. So what are the advantages of this solution? Let’s find out the article below! 1. Low investment cost IP PBX is deployed according to the cloud computing model (CaaS – Communication as a…

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Should I choose a PBX or an IP PBX?

You are doing business, you are looking for a private switchboard to manage outgoing and incoming calls to make customer care more scientific, but you do not know whether to choose a PBX or an IP PBX. Don’t worry, the following…

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Compare virtual PBX and traditional PBX?

Most businesses today, are shifting from traditional PBXs to using virtual PBX . Why is that? What advantages does a virtual PBX have over a traditional PBX that so many people choose? If you want to know, check out the article below! What is a…

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What is the difference between PBX 1800 and 1900?

PBX 1800 and 1900 are two popular numbers, widely used in business. However, these two numbers still have differences in payment methods, numbering costs and rates. To learn more about these two numbers, please refer to the article below! What do 1900 and…

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7 reasons businesses should switch to a virtual PBX

When using a virtual PBX system , businesses will save quite a lot of costs compared to traditional PBXs. Let’s review 7 reasons why businesses should choose a virtual PBX solution! 1. Easy integration Since the PBX provides an internet-based communication solution, it…

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