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Common mistakes of telesales staffe when starting work

Telesales work is a very stressful job, you will have to make hundreds of calls per month and certainly making mistakes of telesales staff is inevitable. So what are those mistakes, and how to fix them? Let’s go with Lokas to find the reason through the article below!

1. What is telesale doing?

Telesale or telesales is an indirect sales method over the phone, telesales staff will actively contact customers directly and use available scenarios to introduce as well as advise and sell products and services of the company. enterprise. This is the most effective sales method today because it helps businesses provide buyers with the most detailed product information without spending time and money traveling through the store.

Nhan Vien's Mistakes Telesale Thuong Gap The concept of telesale

2. Common mistakes made by telesales employees

2.1 Lisp, basic wrong speech, dialect

Your voice will reach customers directly, so the most important thing in telesale is not to slur, speaking annoying dialects is a huge minus point for listeners. Not only that, basic mistakes such as misreading the company name is also a bad impression that makes customers distrust. This is a mistake telesales staff should not make.

2.2 Using explicit scripting

 Everyone knows the telesale script is a must-have element. However, when calling customers, don’t be too rigid and use too obvious scripts. Talking too fast, speaking unnaturally, reading the available script will make the customer feel disrespected during the call.

Nhan Vien's Real Life Telesale Thuong Gap 1 Using the script is too obvious

2.3 A cumbersome introduction

Don’t start the sale with too mechanical and boring words by asking if this is Mr. ABC’s phone number? Accordingly, choose the opening story cleverly and suitable for each customer. Finding out in advance the activities of customers through social will be an effective way to help you start a conversation more easily.

2.4 Interrupting the customer

This is a mistake that telesales employees are absolutely not allowed to commit. When customers are talking but being robbed or having excessive reactions will make customers aversion to the brand. In addition, during the conversation, the customer will have some time to think about the content, this time is not necessary.

Nhan Vien's False Action Telesale Thuong Gap 2 Do not interrupt customers

2.5 Reacting to customer rejection

Telesale is a job that requires a lot of rejection, which can be awkward at first. However, if you are not experienced enough, then ignore that customer and let another experienced staff handle it. If there is a reaction to the customer, they will immediately leave and hate the product, service, brand and business.

2.6 Not understanding customer information carefully

Telesales needs to learn carefully about customer information, to avoid calling the wrong individual or company name. Besides, understanding customer needs is the number 1 secret to help increase the success rate of closing orders.

2.7 Being too intimate with telesales customers

You are always taught to be friendly, create sympathy with customers, that’s not wrong, but be careful not to be too intimate. Some employees will try their best to get to know the customer, but they forget that the ultimate purpose of every call is to make a sale. If you get too deep into this problem, you will find it difficult to open an invitation to your customers and find yourself stuck as to why you and the customer are so close but still can’t sell the product.

2.8 Setting the wrong target when calling

Telesales needs to set specific goals for its calls. However, do not expect too much about the goal of closing sales right on the phone, but focus on getting customer emails to send more detailed information about products/services or arrange direct appointments with customers. customers, invite customers to participate in a project/product launch…With such an initial goal setting, you can successfully approach customers, step by step consulting and convincing them to use the service. mine. The trick is: aim low to high.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the mistakes of regular telesales employees that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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