Common problems when hiring Facebook advertising services

You want to increase the amount of traffic to your website, expand your customer base, but you don’t know how to run ads effectively? You are a business owner who wants to attract more orders, break revenue but don’t have the time to manage your own Google Ads campaigns. Not everyone has the ability to run Facebook ads on their own due to a shortage of human resources and time. At this point, hiring Facebook advertising services is the best solution. However, in order for the campaign to achieve the expected results, you need to know a few notes when hiring Facebook advertising services below.

The problem of scams / exploding money when hiring Facebook advertising services

This is a common occurrence and Vietnam is one of the markets that Facebook has noticed in this regard. Because the online world currently does not have a law, the group of scammers in this field is also quite large (also known as “scam”).


Common scam situations

The story often goes like this: You hire Facebook advertising services , they promise to be effective with very cheap prices (for example, only 1 million VND, 100 applications). In fact, there is no such cheap price because it has to compete with many competitors and depends on many other factors. Those guys are just trying to beat the greed of cheap, so that you choose him to send advertising money, not someone else, and then he will take the money.

And yet, when they first send messages to hire Facebook advertising services , they are very enthusiastic, at first they will commit a lot, everything will be achieved, and especially meet all the needs of customers, to hit the our trust. And of course: after receiving the money, it disappeared, no contact. Or they promise over and over again without running ads for us, then they’ll be silent for a long time. It is also possible that they received the money before they started to install ads, then there was a problem, found it too difficult, and then bursting with money. This situation often comes from inexperienced runners.


Or if you’re giving your card and account to a runner but don’t double check, that person can still use your card to create additional ad campaigns for other customers, draining the card’s balance. yours without your knowledge.

For these scammers, there is no easier way to make money than to scam people who want to run ads. Just say a few sentences, show professionalism, prestige, understanding, care about customers, speak a little sweetly, so there is a bunch of money coming from nowhere. After that, just cut off contact, no one can find out. Even the Facebook built up looks like a real account, has friends, has daily posts, pictures of daily life, but it is also virtual. They are too familiar with setting up thousands of Facebooks like this, even using a tool rather than manually posting image content. It’s a pity that you have not had a profitable business, but had to spend a lot of money to hire such a  fraudulent Facebook advertising service .


To avoid this situation, you must try to ask professional questions, to assess their true capacity. To evaluate, you also need to know a little about the running method. Find out more information about installation steps, common problems encountered when hiring Facebook advertising services. Ask runners what brands of experience they have run for, what are the results, what is the Cost / 1 Click metric? Such questions will help you gauge the expertise of the prospective hirer based on their answers.


Hire a Facebook advertising service that runs but installs it through speakers

This is not a problem as heavy as the problem above, however, running ads through the loudspeaker will consume a lot of advertising budget. The installation gives, but does not work, it shows through the following characteristics:

The person who hires Facebook advertising service only installs once and uses it for a few months, does not change the customer access file, 1 customer reads the information too many times (>5 times / visitor), but is no longer interested product too, is saturated.

Don’t test multiple campaigns. Do not test multiple target groups, many different content, to find the most optimal cost. Of course, if you pay too low a fee for someone who is hired for Facebook advertising services , you can’t ask them to be too high, or ask for too neat and professional content. But also should not accept those who run ads through the loudspeaker, wasting our advertising budget.


The above factors will make advertising costs too high and ineffective. If money is not spent effectively, it will be difficult for the business to make a profit. Even worse, if you hire someone and encounter the above scammers. And of course, in Lokas, we don’t do that. Coming to Lokas’ facebook advertising service, you will be assured of our expertise.

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