Compare and contrast the 1800 and 1900 switchboards

The 1800 and 1900 switchboards are licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to be used for value-added service business on each call. However, these two numbers still have differences in terms of payment methods, numbering costs and rates.

When learning about the 1800 and 1900 call center services, many businesses still have questions and do not really understand how to use them. Therefore, sometimes confusion occurs. The following article will summarize and provide useful information for businesses to choose the best number for their intended use.

1. Compare the similarities and differences between 1800 and 1900 switchboards

1.1 Similarities between 1800 and 1900 . switchboard

In addition to the similarity that both are licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications for business transactions, the first two switchboards of 1900 and 1800 are both  one-way phone numbers , allowing to receive calls.

Compare And Contrast The Difference Between 1800 And 1900 Difference between 1800 and 1900 . switchboard

The 1900 number and the 1800 number have the same numbering deployment process.

  • Select phone number 1900 / 1800
  • Negotiate together and come to a transaction contract
  • Installing and deploying 1900 and 1800 . telephone switchboards
  • Second, the 1900 number and 1800 number both bring great benefits to business users who own the switchboard.
  • The first switchboard number 1900 and the first switchboard 1800  are easy to remember , customers can easily remember and call the switchboard.
  • Owning a switchboard will  enhance the image of the company in  a more professional way.
  • The 1900 number switchboard and the 1800 number one can operate  24/7 . This is really important if you want to find and keep customers.
  • Calls can be automatically routed  to various people within your business premises. Because callers are given the option to choose who they want to talk to. That means you don’t need to control your phone. And so can free up employees to perform tasks elsewhere.
  • Flexibility  to work from different places but still be accessible on the same number.

1.2 Difference between 1800 and 1900 switchboard

Although quite similar, however, the first two switchboards 1800 and 1900 still have obvious differences:
Compare And Contrast The Difference Between 1800 And 1900 1 Similarities between 1800 and 1900 . switchboard
About the form of payment:
  • 1800 number: Free for callers to call 1800; Enterprises registering the 1800 number first switchboard must pay all costs arising from all incoming calls.
  • 1900 number: Callers have to pay a fee depending on the charge rate for that number; Businesses registering for the 1900 number will enjoy a % discount from the provider of the 1900 number switchboard.
About the cost of the first number:
  • First number 1800: Installation fee for the first destination number (1,800,000 VND) and then monthly including: Subscriber fee + Call center rental fee + Call fee paid to incoming callers.
  • First number 1900: Installation fee for the first 1 destination (1,800,000 VND) and monthly will include: Subscription fee + Call center rental fee + Charge discount from the network operator.
About the first rate fee:
  • First number 1800: Enterprises or companies that register to use the 1800 number have to pay the call fee for customers including: from a nationwide landline number, call on the 1800 number for about 600 VND/minute + from a mobile number Nationwide, call 1800 at about 1,000 VND/minute
  • The first number 1900: The difference with the 1800 number is that the 1900 number has the following call rates: 1,000 VND / minute to 12,000 VND / minute (price includes tax), …

2. Conclusion

Above is all the information we want to share. Good luck!

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