Compare Google ads and other traditional ads

Before the explosion of Google ads , marketing work, especially marketing to a large number of users, was very difficult and costly in time, money and effort. But now the Internet has changed that and the era of google advertising has begun. However, that does not mean that the traditional advertising method has been wiped out, nor can the superiority of advertising be denied.

Google Ads


Google Ads advertising  (formerly  Google AdWords ) is commercial service of Google that allows you to choose to advertise in the form of content, images in search results or on  websites provided by Google Adsense partners. Through  Google Ads  you can create online ads to reach a wide range of users at the exact moment they are thinking and interested  in the products and services you offer.

Google Ads accounts are managed online, users can  easily create and change their advertising campaigns (including budget, content, target audience, choose the right budget) at any time . which time . To put it more simply, Google Ads is that you pay Google to let them display your website in easy-to-access, eye-catching locations  on  Google  ‘s system .

Have you ever heard of the phrase “top search google”? Advertising on Google is the advertising medium that helps you develop that phrase, from which we  increase people ‘s  awareness of your  business and increase traffic to your website.

Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising is a form of  marketing  that has existed for a long time, manifesting itself in forms such as handing out leaflets, publishing newspapers, radio broadcasts, etc. Nowadays with the explosive development of science, the time when the internet has grown beyond Step has made the advertising method Google ads appear  . If traditional advertising  requires businesses  in terms of time, human resources, and costs, but the network efficiency is  not high, online advertising completely overcomes this drawback. Widely accessiblesource of potential customers, reducing marketing costs, efforts and flexibly changing to easily change according to user trends . Those  are the conveniences  that Google ads can bring to businesses.


When using the traditional method, you need to identify and prepare an  expense that is not  possible. That is another plus point that makes google ads more and  more businesses choose to promote their brands.

Compare Google ads with traditional ads


Characteristics Google Ads Traditional advertising
Method Using the internet, digital devices Mainly using mass media
Space Not limited by country and territory borders Limited by national and territorial boundaries
Time Anytime, anywhere, quick response, update information in minutes Only at certain hours, it takes a lot of time and effort to change the ad or clip
Feedback Customers receive information and respond immediately It takes a long time for customers to receive information and feedback
Client You can choose a specific audience and reach out directly to customers Unable to select specific target group
Cost Low, with small budget still doable, can control advertising costs High, big advertising budget, fixed for one time use
Save data Store customer information easily and quickly It is very difficult to store customer information

Comparison table of Google ads and traditional ads

Google Ads vs Traditional Ads: Which is the Best?

Too many  businesses rely on chp advertising that one type of advertising is better than another  in the belief that it is cheaper and will bring explosive growth .

While one way of promoting can be highly effective , a common practice to reach a wide range of people  is important when building an advertising strategy.


For example, a  TV ad can increase  brand awareness , but  an ad like that on  YouTube  can get a lot of potential customers back right away.

To know which option is  most suitable for your organization or business  , you must do market research when planning  your advertising, so that you know what your target market is and can find them everywhere. anywhere on the Google ads or traditional advertising environment. If your business is in need of hiring google advertising services, please contact Lokas immediately.

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