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Compare the difference between Advertising and Marketing

Marketing and Advertising is becoming the pursuit of dynamic, creative young people who want to assert themselves and live well by their own ideas.
However, to distinguish two industries with many similarities in the nature of work will be a difficult calculation. The article on  the difference between Advertising and Marketing  will answer the questions of students related to the study program as well as the specific job position of each industry.

1. Definition

Marketing Quang Cao Definition of Marketing and Advertising

Marketing: Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers, and for managing customer relationships in other ways. to bring benefits to the organization and its shareholders.

Advertising: Advertising is a paid or non-paid form of propaganda to introduce information about a product, service, company or idea, advertising is a non-direct communication activity between people. in which the person who wants to communicate must pay the media to bring information to persuade or influence the recipient of the information.

2. About activities

Marketing:  Is the synthesis of the process of research, customer analysis, strategy building, planning, statistics, optimization, measurement,… on many different channels to ensure that the budget is profitable. worthy profit.

Advertising:  Executing an active part of a Marketing campaign, helping to reach customers and turn them into buyers.

3. Courses in Advertising and Marketing

Marketing Quang Cao 1 Program of study in Advertising and Marketing

These two disciplines have many similarities, but each discipline will have certain professional strengths. At UEF, students majoring in Advertising and Marketing will be trained according to the international standard curriculum framework, meeting the three criteria of “strong knowledge, proficient skills, good at foreign languages”.
Specifically: When studying Advertising, you will have access to product promotion strategies, learn many professional skills such as: message transmission skills, effective marketing skills, and other skills. related to advertising design and management.
With the Marketing major, learners will be equipped with specialized knowledge of specific industries such as: marketing management, sales management, consumer behavior, product strategy, pricing and distribution strategy, Marketing. International, Service Marketing, PR,…

4. About the job position:

Marketing Quang Cao 2 Job position in the field of Advertising and Marketing

Position for graduates in Marketing:

  • Research and teach about Marketing at centers and universities.
  • Marketing specialist at businesses and organizations.
  • Corporate branding and management specialist.
  • Market research specialist.

Position for graduates in Advertising:

  • The director produces commercials in the studios.
  • Business advertising management.
  • Specialist in advertising, marketing and communication at domestic and foreign companies.
  • In charge of PR and communication for organizations and businesses.
  • Teaching advertising at training institutions and schools.
  • Design advertising for businesses.

Above are the basic differences between Marketing and Advertising. Due to the development of Digital technology affecting industries, sometimes the concepts are misunderstood as 1 but in fact their essence is completely different.

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