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Compare the difference between fixed voip and mobile voip

Nowadays, voip switchboard is more and more popularly used in Vietnam. However, many businesses still do not distinguish between fixed voip and mobile voip, making it difficult for businesses to choose the right switchboard for their business model.

Fixed VoIP Overview


One of the most prominent advantages of VoIP is that it partly proves to customers the name and reputation of the business better than regular phone numbers. Because of the requirement to provide an exact address, when registering, few ghost companies have the “courage” to choose to use this type of VoIP.

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In return for high security and emergency service access, fixed VoIP rates are always more expensive than usual, especially when users make international calls. In addition, you will not be able to receive calls from a VoIP landline number in another country if this VoIP business does not have an office in the home country (i.e. where you live).

As the name suggests, mobile VoIP does not require you to provide an address when signing up. You can easily sign up online with just an email address and credit card, then use it quickly and conveniently.

In fact, when comparing the flexibility between fixed VoIP and mobile VoIP, mobile VoIP will prevail. In addition, businesses can purchase mobile VoIP numbers with any area code they want without having to have an address or office in that country.

Mobile VoIP Overview


As mentioned, you can have a mobile VoIP number without having to provide any documents or physical location. In addition, you can completely make a call after registering a few minutes.

Another advantage of a mobile VoIP number is that it has better calling rates for domestic and international calls than fixed VoIP numbers. You can freely communicate with others on any device and anywhere as long as there is Internet. This is also a big difference between fixed VoIP and mobile VoIP.


Another downside to using mobile VoIP is that you cannot access emergency services because the physical address is not confirmed in advance. On the other hand, since anyone can sign up for a mobile VoIP number, including scammers and hackers, this service will sometimes not be able to guarantee standard safety and information security for users. .

Should businesses choose fixed VoIP and mobile VoIP?

After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of fixed VoIP and mobile VoIP, we can see that it is really impossible to determine which is better and superior. Depending on the needs, characteristics and conditions of the company, you can choose the most suitable form of VoIP yourself.

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Accordingly, fixed VoIP numbers will be suitable for large, stable businesses based in a certain location. Meanwhile, mobile VoIP is the ideal choice for growing businesses because of its flexibility and affordable rates.

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