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Compare the differences between Hardphone and Softphone in virtual PBX

When deploying a virtual PBX, Hardphone and Softphone are two terminals that many businesses always consider to choose. Although the overall features available on both Hardphone and Softphone are similar, maybe even identical in some cases. However, there are many functional differences between each configuration that are worth considering before implementing in your company.

1. Overview of Hardphone and Softphone

Compare Hardphone And Softphone 1 Overview of Hardphone and Softphone

1.1 What is a Hardphone?

Hardphone  is an IP phone (IP Phone) or VoIP phone, which is a physical device and works similar to a traditional desk phone, using an IP network instead of using traditional phone lines.

On the market today, IP phones have 4 main lines:

  • Using Lan wire:  This is the most popular and widely used line. Each phone is equipped with 2 RJ45 network ports (with the effect of sharing the network for the computer to use). Depending on the line, it can be equipped with a 100M port or a 1G port. In addition, this line is also divided into 2 small lines according to the PoE power supply function (Power Over Internet is supplied directly via LAN wire).
  • Wireless (Mom holding a baby):  Usually comes in a set of 1 transmitter base (with Lan network plugged in). The clients can be moved to use within a certain range. These lines are often favored because of their high flexibility. No need for network wiring.
  • Using Wifi:  IP phones have the function of connecting to wifi directly from transmitters
  • Conference IP Phone:  This IP Phone line looks like a tripod with built-in microphone and speaker that can be used to share calls with all members.

1.2 What is softphone?

Softphone provides similar functionality to Hardphone but exists as part of software installed on a computer, tablet or Smartphone. This application will usually include all the features you would expect from a VoIP phone.

To use a softphone, you need two devices:

  • Smartphone or computer : You can use any kind of computer (laptop or desktop), smartphone or even tablet. As long as you can connect to the internet.
  • A VoIP headset : You can also use the microphone and speaker combo on your device, however we recommend using a dedicated headset to ensure the best sound.

2. Comparison between Hardphone and Softphone


Hardphone Softphone
External features   A hardphone is a line of physical devices that rely on VoIP instead of a traditional phone line. They all have physical keys, and some IP Phones also have a touch screen equipped with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Softphone is an application, software installed on smart devices connected to the Internet. Softphone features all have GUI. At the same time, these features can also use keyboard shortcuts and the computer’s mouse.
Call quality In this respect, Hardphone has better stability. Because this is a dedicated device for making calls. Softphone is inherently a software installed on a smart device. So it is easy to share system resources with other software.
Overall With each phone line, there will be different and fixed features that cannot be customized Because it is an application, Softphone can be customized, extended and manipulated
Difficulty to use Users are familiar with traditional landline phones before, so using IP will feel easy Much related to features and user experience. Currently, softphones have also gradually simplified their use
Portability Portability is not appreciated because of its rather large size, as well as electricity and internet requirements to be used. Hardphone is only convenient for moving offices and business locations because there is no need to care about phone lines Involves many features and user experience. Currently, softphones have also gradually simplified the use and become easier
Cost Since it is a physical device, the cost will also be quite high Less expensive than no additional hardware, except maybe a dedicated virtual PBX headset for the best wash quality


3 Conclusion

Above is all information about Hardphone and Softphone that we want to share with you. Hope the above article will bring you a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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