Decoding What is CMS? The Knowledge About CMS that you should know

As mentioned, CMS has become quite popular in the operation and development of Web sites of technology people. Even when you are familiar with this field, you will often hear the term CMS. However, in reality, not everyone knows What is CMS  and the great functions they bring.

In today’s article, we will help you learn and explain all the basics of CMS and its advantages. Follow along with the following article right away so you don’t miss a useful information!

1. Introduction What is CMS?

CMS is an abbreviation of the full term Content Management System, an effective content management system. This system was developed for the purpose of making  it easier  for website administrators to manage and edit content. More specifically, thanks to CMS, administrators can update and change content such as: Text, Video, music, images, Files, … right on their own Website.

Cms Acknowledgment Cms The concept of CMS

From the concept of what CMS is, you can see that the biggest advantage of this system is that it saves time managing the Web site. Not to mention, operating and maintenance costs are also less costly and wasteful. Currently, there are many companies and personal blogs that also choose to use CMS as a perfect  website building  and content management solution.

2. Main functions of CMS

In simple words, the CMS system is studied with the important role of controlling and operating the Website. Specifically, they possess each of the following basic functions:

Cms Acknowledgment Cms 1 Main functions of the CMS . system

  • Create and host content for Web sites. From there, the CMS also supports the function of adding, removing, editing and changing these contents.
  • If you have a need to transfer or share content, CMS is also suitable.
  • At the CMS administration system, users can be fully managed and decentralized.

For businesses that need to build and develop Websites, installing CMS will make the operation process more convenient. Of course, when operating stably and strongly, the Web site will help the business’ brand go up, contributing to affirming its position in the market.

3. Why should you choose a CMS system to manage your website?

As mentioned, thanks to the above functions, many individuals and businesses prefer CMS systems. From these functions, the benefits they bring to users can be listed as follows:

Cms La Gi Cms Cms 2 Why should you choose a web management CMS system?

  • Website is well developed in terms of content, design and can become an effective advertising and marketing channel.
  • Support users to update content regularly quickly and easily.
  • Ensure to maintain consistency for the business, create prestige and high reliability for visitors.

4. What are the types of CMS management systems?

What is the classification of CMS? CMS is a system that is more about Web administration features, so they are classified into the following 3 categories:

  • Open Source CMS management system.
  • The CMS system has a cost.
  • Self-code CMS management system, build and use Framework.

4.1 Open Source CMS management system

CMS Open Source is an open source management system that is considered easy to use and quite popular today. The advantage of this CMS is that it has many diverse and complete features for the process of managing Website, content as well as accounts, …

4.2 Cost-effective CMS systems

Right from the name, the CMS system charges users to spend money to buy a license if they want to use it. Of course, because there is a fee, this system is quite complete with all different operations such as: fixing errors, upgrading or operating the system, etc. In particular, this CMS system works at an extremely stable speed. and has many more attractive advantages.

4.3 Self-code CMS management system, build and use Framework

What is CMD self-coding system? These are systems that also allow free installation, but they require you to re-code the whole thing yourself. Of course, the coding process will not be easy and simple. However, in return, if you are a knowledgeable user, you can choose the design interface you like and best suit your preferences.

5. Common CMS systems today

Currently, CMS has popular and popular systems with all the above rich classifications. Such as:

  • WordPress CMS system: open source.
  • Magento CMS system: open source.
  • Joomla CMS system  : Open Source system – open source.
  • Drupal: open source.
  • Shopify : a paid CMS system.

Those are the most prominent CMS today, in addition, there are many other CMSs depending on the needs that users can choose. In the popular CMS mentioned above, WordPress is considered to be the most dominant.

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