Design website, what issues should be kept in mind?

In the current 4.0 technology context, the website is a platform to promote brands and products that many businesses prefer. So how to design website to be both versatile and attractive to customers? Please join Lokas to learn the things to keep in mind when designing a website for your business through the article below!

Correctly oriented design website purposes:

One of the issues to consider carefully when designing a website is to clearly define the purpose of setting up the business’s website: brand advertising, news posting or sales, etc. Once the operational purpose has been determined. of the website, businesses will easily build content, layout layout for the website, … even determine the right strategy for the website in the future.

Besides, you also need to determine the audience that the website wants to target. From there, you will easily plan a suitable design for your website.


Fully focus on the brand when designing the web

When designing a website, doing a good job of building a brand on the website is a premise for businesses to build trust with customers and increase the value of products. Some issues to keep in mind to make your brand stand out on the website are:

Logo, slogan: Always be at the top of the page, appear in the most prominent position. In addition, the articles also need to add the logo or insert the brand’s slogan into the image.

Domain Name: The best domain name should match the logo name and brand name.

Color: The colors on the website need to have the main color, compatible with the color of the brand identity (logo, product).


Beautiful interface on mobile devices

Using mobile devices to search for data is a habit of today’s users. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the website design displays well on computers, you still need to ensure that the website interface is attractive on mobile devices.

Determine the necessary criteria in the process of website design

About design style: Website design style will depend on the brand and the customer group that the business is targeting. There are many designs such as: corners, shadows, …

Main colors: Choosing the main color when designing a website is essential. Because colors help the brand stand out more and thereby make it easier for customers to remember. For example, if your brand offers fresh flowers, then pink or white will match the theme of your website and be more eye-catching. For websites specializing in selling technology goods, the color blue, but gray is the most suitable.

Fonts and spacing: Fonts are also a way of expressing the theme of a website. For soft, stylized fonts, they often specialize in websites about women’s beauty tips, skin care products, etc. Technology websites often use popular, easy-to-see fonts. The spacing between letters and lines also needs to be reasonable.


Page loading speed

Page load speed has a great influence on the customer’s experience when operating on that website. This is also a factor to evaluate whether the website has SEO standards or not. The faster the website loads, the higher the website is rated. This is something you need to keep in mind when designing a website for your business.

Web content must include:

In addition to building and designing an impressive and professional website, you also need to ensure that the information on the website is accurate and complete to build trust with customers. A highly reliable website will have basic information such as: business introduction, address, email, phone number, etc. In addition, products and services need to be introduced clearly and in detail. The information is descriptive and has outstanding factors to increase competitiveness with competitors.

These are the things that businesses need to pay attention to when designing a website. Need advice on standard SEO web design or web issues, please contact Lokas immediately for a free consultation!

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