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Distinguish SMS Marketing and SMS Brandname

The use of sms brandname and sms marketing to market to customers is not new to business owners. Choosing this form, business owners will be able to reach potential customers in the fastest and most effective way. So what is the difference between these two forms? Let’s find out the article below!

1. SMS Marketing promotional messages

Is a bulk advertising messaging service but does not display the brand name like sms brandname but only the first phone number.


  • Active 24/7
  • Easy to implement and scale to reach customers
  • Communicate with customers.
  • Instant information advertising level
  • Regardless of geographical location
  • Low initial investment cost
  • Suitable for all fields
  • Increase competitiveness.


  • Easily considered spam
  • Block from carrier
  • Low efficiency
  • Can’t pr the brand
  • Scam status using sms marketing

If you work in the real estate industry, trading … in the name of an individual, sms marekting is suitable for use.

2. Brand Message SMS Brandname


  • Brand Pr is extremely high
  • Increase loyal customers
  • Improve your reputation / Avoid scams
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Low cost but higher efficiency
  • Reach the right audience
  • Short deployment time, low resource cost
  • Not blocked from carriers

Phan Biet Sms Marketing Va Sms Brandname 1


  • Limit the brand name to 11 characters (including the space of the moon)
  • The registration procedure requires a lot of documents, a business license, etc.
  • Easy to break texting laws (There are forbidden words)
  • Monthly subscription fee + SMS fee

With the above analysis will help you have a better view of the two types of advertising from SMS. SMS Brandname and SMS Marketing  when implemented methodically will bring very good results for your business. Good luck with your Online Marketing.

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