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Effective real estate SMS Marketing instead of SPAM

SMS marketing in the real estate sector is not a priority in the 4.0 technology era. However, if you know how to use it properly, it can become a highly effective advertising tool for you.

Database preparation stage

In the field of real estate, the potential database focuses mainly on bank savings customers and office workers. The preparation stage is to analyze the customer’s Insight in the Database we are shooting, especially the deep analysis of the problem they are facing.

For example, savings bank customers are currently worried about the amount of bank interest decreasing. We need to hit the customer’s anxiety factor or to be precise, “scratch the itch”.

The place to write the message

An SMS message usually has 3 main parts

– SMS preamble:

This part is extremely important in whether the customer opens the SMS or ignores it. Therefore, do not give words to make customers realize that this is a sales SMS.

What do you guys think about the opening part like this: “Hey Hanh, my new phone number 0902341179″

This is an opening form that makes customers mistakenly think that an acquaintance is sending an SMS notification. Often customers will open to see who Hanh is? With such an opening form you achieve your goal, the customer has to see our SMS and the opportunity to pass the message is here.

Do you have a good idea why your response rate is lower than usual?

– Project message section:

The special point of the message is that you must highlight the core value of the product you are offering. And the core value here is the value of the product that is suitable for customers in the Data set you are shooting SMS marketing.

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I will illustrate with an example a certain message for a set of data that customers deposit in a bank savings account.

“Hanh has 2 investment rates that are 3 times higher than bank rates. High-class apartment is about to be moved to the center for rent with high price immediately.”

This is a message from the Vinhomes Central Park apartment that may not be good, but what Ha wants to share is that Ha is trying to touch the itch of the customers she is deploying to send SMS.

– Calling part:

This section is often because it has been stuffed with information in the previous sections, so it will run out of characters to call customers to call you. But in my opinion, this is the final part to have a successful SMS and get a response.

“Call Hjanh immediately when you receive this SMS!

Above are the sharing on how to shoot SMS in the real estate field that I have learned, hopefully it will help some ideas for your SMS campaigns.

Wish you success when using SMS Marketing in your real estate business.

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