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Effective ways to manage employee performance

Work performance is one of the most important metrics to evaluate each individual in the team. If you are the manager of a business or an organization, you need to find a method to accurately and fairly evaluate the performance of your employees, from which there are measures to optimize results, towards accomplishing goals. business.

Whether you are feeling your employees are doing a good job or not, it is important that you have “evidence” based on numbers, not “feelings”. Employee performance management is often not implemented by many managers or is done in the wrong way, affecting business operations or worse, negatively affecting company culture, causing mass layoffs of employees.

How to manage employee performance

1. Choose the right talent

To select the right talent, the organization needs, in addition to focusing on professional qualifications and skills as well as experience, managers need to check the following criteria:

How To Understand The Law Of The People Choose the right talent for the company

  • Honesty : Being a responsible person, always being honest and keeping promises at work.
  • Humility : Know your weaknesses and what you need to improve on, don’t be complacent, proud or brag about your achievements and abilities.
  • Enthusiasm : Eager to learn, explore, willing to accept work, help colleagues and have positive energy at work.
  • Emotional control: Know how to control yourself, do not act instinctively and empathize with people.
  • Determination : Willingness and persistence to complete the assigned tasks.
  • Acquiring : Being able to listen, modify and improve from the suggestions of others.
  • Teamwork : Ability to interact, contribute ideas and coordinate well with colleagues.
  • Trusted : Someone you feel you can delegate to important and key tasks.

2. Understand the capacity of each employee

To be able to consider the level of work completion and the ability of an employee with a specific task, the assessment of work capacity is a very necessary thing.

How To Understand The Law Of The People's Republic Of China 1 Understand the capacity of each employee

The manager must know well and comprehensively all issues in the work of his group or his department. You must know how capable each member is to be able to assign tasks they can complete well.

Besides, you must also have a clear understanding of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Managers should take the time to learn about their employees’ education, skills, and some work experience.

When you know the true capacity of each employee, you will have an appropriate assignment plan. This way of managing employees is extremely important and managers cannot ignore it.

3. Listen to unfair views

Communication is a two-way conversation and managers should be prepared to listen to the views of their employees. Is there a reason for the change in work attitude? The subordinates no longer put much effort into the work because they are not satisfied with something? Exploiting the root cause of all problems is paramount.

The Way Of The People's Republic Of China's People's Courts 2 Listen to unfair views

4. Address company-wide concerns

If an employee points out a concern that could affect more than one person, make sure it is addressed. If a person feels he is overloaded at work, it is possible that others will feel the same way.

A good way to deal with this situation is to immediately hold a meeting with representatives of relevant departments to discuss the company culture: How do they want to improve these issues and the employees on their team can How can it be done? Make it clear at the beginning of the meeting that this is an open discussion, employees are free to voice their grievances without fear of repercussions or consequences.

Emphasize that the real purpose of the meeting is to find a solution to every problem, not an occasion to find people to fire. This collective approach will make employees feel that they are valued and part of the overall growth of the company – an individual self-motivation.

5. Set clear goals for work

Outlining the performance goals an individual must achieve is important. Ask employees how they want to improve, what they want to achieve, and what new skills they need to learn. Involving employees in a specific level of commitment will motivate them to work harder and strive to perform better.

The Way Of The People's Republic Of China's People's People's Courts 3 Have a clear goal

6. Rotate good employees

Often managers will tend to keep the best employees with them. However, any person who only works in one position forever will gradually lose enthusiasm in work. Even employees are subjective and gradually lose their ability to think and create.

Therefore, the best way to manage employees is to rotate positions between departments. However, this can only be done when the employee has a desire to rotate and he or she has good capacity.

7. Motivating employees to work

The employees always have the desire to go further and develop more in their work. Therefore, managers need to focus on motivating employees. Arousing enthusiasm and desire will help employees see that working hard will achieve their personal goals.

The Way Of The People's Republic Of Korea's People's Republic Of China 4 Motivate employees to work

8. Create an effective teamwork environment

Building an effective team working environment is also an effective way to manage employees. A work environment where employees can ask questions, freely contribute ideas and receive respect is what every employee is aiming for.

9. Seriously tackle repeat inefficiencies

If an employee consistently exhibits poor performance, the manager needs to formally address the behavior. This will let employees know that the boss takes this matter seriously and will not tolerate attitudes that are not conducive to the group’s performance. Furthermore, sometimes other hard-working team members will become lethargic and lethargic if they see individuals working irresponsibly without being reprimanded.


Above is all the information on how to manage employee performance that we want to share. Good luck!

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