Effectively pursue customers by advertising Google Remarketing

To run effective Google ads, in addition to finding new customers, you should also care and take care of old customers with a remarketing strategy. Understanding Google Remarketing will help you run ads more effectively. The ultimate purpose of this strategy is to help pull customers back to purchase or leave information. From there, your Web site will retain the foot of old customers and reach more potential customers. Learn more about Google Remarketing with Lokas through this long detailed introduction.

What is Google Remarketing?

Google remarketing is a technique  that allows your  Google ads  to track  potential customers as they browse the  internet. When users visit , there will appear a  small code on your website that will add them to the Remarketing list. Then, the moment they visit another site using the Google Ad network, they’ll see your ad . Google allows you to customize who sees your remarketing ads . For example, you can prioritize customers New or old buyer is fine. In other words, Google Remarketing is Google GDN.


Did you know that 97% of people who visit  your website for the first time leave without buying anything  ? That ‘s because they need to feel like they already know you. Google Remarketing Ads help you bring  them back to your site. So what is the bottom line and the most basic things you  must know about  Google Remarketing ?

How Google Remarketing Ads Work?

When users visit your website, the system will automatically save cookies or stick a code read by the system. If the consumer belongs to the file of remarketing customers  , the advertising system will automatically save Cookies. Google will rely on the above file to deliver  ads to customers who have visited  your website.


How to create  Google Remarketing ads . Before the remarketing list can be activated, you need to have  a remarketing code snippet – this code is provided by Adwords  to the web pages you want to market to customers. Once the code has been included, the remarketing list will be activated.

For  customers who have purchased or placed an order, and you want  Google Remarketing ads not to be displayed for them anymore, you should just insert that  code into the order or purchase function . Among the ways of remarketing Google adwords, the most popular is GDN advertising , followed by Video Ads, Gmail Ads. Finally , remarketing on the search network – Google Search Ads, because this network is not effective in the remarketing process .

Google Remarketing Target Audience

Running Google Remarketing ads will target the following 5 large audiences:


  • Visitors to  the website without making a conversion. Conversion here can be: purchase decision , registration, order, form filling or calling the business .

  • Visitors with a certain number of  visits, means that buyers have a need for products and services to promote businesses.

  • Customers first access the website through advertising channels such as SEO, Google Adwords, …

  • Other visitors have accomplished  the goal of ordering, calling, etc.

  • A visitor viewed an item on your site within a certain number of days. For example, a visitor viewed your web item in the last 5 days.

Benefits businesses get when using Google Remarketing

Google  is not the only company doing remarketing. Google ‘s closest competitor  is Facebook, which carries an object-oriented system akin  to Google’s. Tag on your website sends consumer notifications to Facebook and visitors see your  ad on  the platforms that display their content. So what are the benefits  of Google Remarketing? Why should you use  it?


Proper timing targeting

With users who have interacted with your website before. Even though they’re searching on other sites, your ad can still show them. In addition, your ad  can also  show to  customers who actively search for your business on Google.
Easily create ads With the  ad library , you can  create free  image, text or video ads . When you apply dynamic remarketing tools, the library of templates will help you expand, so you  have  beautiful  ads  to help attract  more customers  .

Centralized advertising

You can  create Google Remarketing lists for specific examples . For example, you will run Google ads more effectively with users who have purchased or visited the Website
Reach out to scale Each person can  approve  more than 2 million Web sites and mobile apps So you have the opportunity  to reach a huge number of  potential users .

Effective pricing

With automatic bidding, you can create effective remarketing campaigns. It will help you with real-time bidding , calculate the most logical bid for ad viewers. From there you will win the most affordable auctions _

Campaign stats

Based on the reporting metrics you can see how your campaign is performing, where the ads show up and how much to bid.



Through the above article, have you partly understood what Google Remarketing is ? And the countless  conveniences that it brings, rightWith benefits such  as: low cost but bringing positive results, wide coverage, diverse object-oriented customization and potential brand recognition, what are you waiting for without embarking on implementation? your Remarketing plan with  Google let’s go! Don’t forget to follow other Lokas posts!

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