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Equipment needed when installing IP PBX

Currently, IP PBX is considered a professional PBX solution being chosen by businesses. So what kind of equipment do you need to install an IP PBX? Join us in the article below!

Types of IP PBX systems – understand correctly to choose standard equipment

In general, IP PBX has 2 basic types, that is the type of PBX deployed on the hardware system (almost similar to the operation method of the analog PBX) and the other type installed and used by connecting software. with an online server that applies the cloud computing model.

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Thus, in order to install the system and operate the VOIP PBX, you must choose the appropriate equipment based on the classification of the switchboard.

So, what kind of equipment does a hardware IP PBX system need?

+ Gateway adapter

+ PBX phone and corresponding IP phone (Can add support headset)

+ Install Softphone software system on computer


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+ Cable to connect the internal LAN to the PBX

+ High speed network system

Indispensable devices with software IP PBX (cloud based PBX)

Server: A place to store and control all activities of the IP PBX for the whole system. This part will be installed by the supplier for you. With TLCloud, we will provide you with outstanding features of IP PBX such as: Free internal calls, Simultaneously listen / make unlimited calls to all calls, export data files…

The card stores information for backup in case the server goes down

Internet connection upgrade. Regularly maintain and check the Internet for stable operation of the IP PBX

Make use of mobile phones, computers, etc. to make calls and save money on additional hardware purchases.

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