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Why should you choose to advertise with Facebook Ads?

Are you wondering whether to run ads with Facebook (Facebook Ads) or not? You are “lost” about running Facebook ads. The following article will convince you to run Facebook ads with 5 extremely reasonable and useful reasons. High efficiency According to an…


What is Facebook Ads? 6 Things to know about Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads or  Facebook Ads ? Why use Facebook Ads? Who should use this tool? How to target  Facebook Ads ? Is this what you are wondering? Let me solve these questions through the article below. What is Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads (short for Facebook…

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5 ways to help you become a creative Advertiser

As a core and indispensable element in any marketing plan, content is the key to helping businesses connect effectively with target consumers, and is a valuable and useful resource in the market. school. Building content is a familiar story that…

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Types of advertising and how Facebook is charged

As of September 2018, there are more than 2.2 billion people using Facebook in the world in general and more than 58 million users in Vietnam in particular, ranking 7th in the world. With a huge audience trending globally, it means…

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5 ways to optimize Facebook Ads that you should know

Facebook is currently the most used social network, with more than 60% of the population. Therefore, this is definitely one of the best online business environments. Taking advantage of that, businesses have implemented Facebook advertising strategies to attract customers. To make a difference,…

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Top 6 reasons for running ineffective Facebook ads

Running  ineffective Facebook ads is an inevitable case for those who are just starting to use this form of advertising. In those cases, you will surely think running Facebook ads is not as easy as you think. But get rid of that thought immediately…

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Top 7 advertising trends you should know in 2022

The year 2021 has been a memorable year for everyone. The pandemic has changed many aspects from life to consumption behavior. People are more active on social media, looking forward to experiencing better things. So for marketers, how will the advertising trends in…

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Top 7 tips for an effective advertising campaign

For more people to know your brand, advertising is an indispensable means for you to do that. And Internet advertising is only really effective when it comes to the application of technologies that enable advertising networks, analytics agencies, websites and online…

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