Facebook ads Google ads: Which plan is good for businesses?

Currently, Google and Facebook are the two dominant platforms in the online advertising market and receive a lot of attention from business owners. Because these are the two advertising channels that bring the most customers and promote the strongest brand for businesses. However, in these two channels, businessmen do not know which channel to choose to both optimize costs and bring the highest efficiency. Please read the following article, to decide to choose the most appropriate option for you to choose Facebook ads Google ads .

Compare Facebook ads Google ads

To compare Facebook & Google ads and then make a decision to choose Facebook ads Google Ads requires a lot of experimentation with different business models and the target audience of each business. The choice depends on many factors: Target customers, costs, coverage, etc. All play an equal role in the success of the campaign and the final profit efficiency.


Google ads Facebook ads
Targeting ability


Triggers are based on user interests and search requirements. Target only users who are really interested and search for related keywords, allowing ads to target users with real needs. Filter target customers by interests, demographics and geography most closely showing the predefined target.
Coverage Allowing you to be present on all major sites such as youtube, 24h, zing, etc. This is the advantage of this form of advertising. Only visible on this social networking site. But rest assured, with a huge number of users, advertising on Facebook  is a form you should research to develop.
Advertising costs 

(CPC and CPM)

Based on the essential needs of users, it is more effective at each click than Facebook Ads. Cheaper than Google Adwords if calculated on a click
Ad display time Appears shortly after the installation is complete Appears shortly after the installation is complete

User object

Google ads

If you are a new business and want to focus on increasing sales, a lead acquisition campaign on Google will help you bring in better profits.


Doesn’t require you to have a large advertising budget, Google focuses on improving the user experience. Google always wants to deliver the best to their users, so the content you create needs to be based on this principle. The quality of your ads and website content comes first over budget and is an important factor in determining Google search rankings in a bid war. To make sure the campaign is effective and beats your competition, you should hire an agency with extensive experience in Google ads.

Facebook ads

For campaigns that emphasize increasing brand awareness on social networks, Facebook advertising should be placed at the center of the marketing plan. Facebook not only helps you gain insight and insight into your target audience’s insights, but it also helps you nurture a community that cares about the problem your business is solving.


What everyone knows and is the most important factor for business growth – word of mouth. No advertising platform has more power in creating communities and a larger fan base for businesses than Facebook is doing.

Profits from Facebook are more than what is measured in money. We all know how powerful the channel’s potential is and how massive the user base is. That makes Facebook the leading advertising platform that is hard to beat today

Should run Facebook ads Google ads?

The choice is sometimes unclear. But we still often advise business owners not only to look at profits, but to consider the long-term effectiveness of the campaign based on the value it brings to their business. Value can be anything from brand name to reaching potential customers or attracting more leads, conversion rates, and sales.

It is easy to see that:

Google Ads will help you find new customers instantly and in a specific, consistent process, giving you quick profits. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads make it easier for new customers to find and understand your business. And this way you can gain long term profits.

Thus, Lokas has just presented the strengths of Facebook ads and Google ads, hopefully this information will help you better understand these two methods to make the right choice in your online marketing strategy.

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