Facebook advertising for fashion industry in Ho Chi Minh City

If you want to dominate your market, Facebook advertising for fashion industry is one of the powerful weapons. The trend of online shopping is growing, Facebook is the place for you to promote your brand, products and reach a huge number of potential customers.

What are the benefits of Facebook advertising for fashion industry?

Nowadays, facebook advertising for fashion industry is becoming more and more popular as the demand for online shopping of users is increasing. The constant change in fashion trends makes Facebook a “fat” piece of cake for merchants to exploit.

Today facebook advertising for the fashion industry will bring you benefits such as:

  • Facebook advertising for the fashion industry, you will reach a huge source of customers, the number of users increases every day. If you have the right advertising strategy and know how to properly exploit it, this will definitely be an extremely valuable “diamond mine”.
  • Unlike Google, advertising via facebook, you just need to have a fanpage as a fishing rod, it is not required that you have a website. You do not have to spend time and money to set up a website, buy a domain name and rent a hosting.
  • Facebook advertising for the fashion industry anyone can do. Just take the time to learn about how facebook works from 1-2 days, you already know how to set up a Facebook ad campaign. However, setting up ads on facebook is not difficult, it is the main problem to run effective ads and get hundreds of orders per day.
  • Facebook advertising costs are not too expensive, the cost of advertising on facebook is based on how much customers interact with your ad content. The more people interested in your content, the cheaper it will be to advertise on Facebook.


How to run Facebook ads for the fashion industry effectively?

Pictures show fashion products and essential information

  • If you have a plan to run facebook ads for the fashion industry, first of all, the images must have high quality, beautiful angles, and realistic images to increase credibility.
  • The post must be full of information: Who is the seller? What is the product that attracts customers to choose to buy? Where to buy? Contact who?
  • If the business has a model, it should have authentic images and clips to increase trust and promote customers’ purchasing decisions.

Most users prefer to see the image before reading the description. So the image must be eye-catching to attract the attention of customers, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Advertising images must be related to your product or service; uniform colors good contrast, attractive even when viewed in any kind of size!

Pay attention to Facebook’s minimum image size rules, so your images don’t miss out on important parts, or don’t look good.


Content must be engaging

Most facebook ads for the fashion industry do not succeed as expected because the business does not convey to customers valuable information about the program or product you have. The ad may have a compelling call-to-action and visual content, but it also needs to be added to the content that encourages users to click on the ad. Your Facebook ad for fashion needs to make users understand exactly why they should do it and what benefits they can get by doing so.

Vegetarian-Quang-Cao-Facebook-Cho-Nganh-Hang-Thoi- Trang-Nhu-The-Nao-De-Hieu-Qua-1

Target the right target audience to run facebook ads:

Facebook counts by impressions, so target your target audience narrowly. The more people you reduce who don’t need the product, the more budget your business has to advertise.

To ensure that the facebook ad campaign goes smoothly, businesses should hire Agency services that are direct partners of Facebook to enjoy many preferential policies such as: quick technical support, priority to approve advertising campaigns. faster. Lokas is one of Facebook’s agencies from 2018 to now, helping hundreds of businesses to successfully build brands and increase order rates. Need advice on overall marketing services, please contact Lokas for a free consultation!

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